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Learning process #001;
Friday, May 7, 2010
10:35 PM

Today is a hectic day, but I must say the experiences I encountered are useful...

I got to wake up an hour later before meeting boss for site survey at SAA. We thought we will be late, but instead the person-in-charge was late. That could have cause us to give up waiting and go for meeting at QSS. Still, we decided to stay for it is a good competition since there were many others there too. I was excited for there is 'little' design to work on. Next, we were supposed to head to QSS. But as we were late, therefore the time was postponed by 2 hours. So, boss decided that we take our lunch before he brings me to DHS to take a look at the on-going project. We discussed about designing the company office, and I made up my mind to do it the week after next. Simply because I believe everyone wants a comfortable office, and if no one makes the effort to kick start... all the discussions and thoughts will not work! Talks without action (USELESS!) Anyhow, at DHS, I was surprised to meet the workers whom I thought had quit after us. But no, they were just at the site everyday. I am sure they were shocked to see me too! Especially my dad's friend, Ah Kwan. I do not have difficulty communicating with him and Ah Feng. As for Jin Xiao, we exchanged smile only. So I am interested to compile photos of the site work and the equipments as well as tools. It is definitely a good experience for me and I hope to drop by weekly to see the changes. Next, we went for our meeting at QSS, with the thoughts that the clients will be unhappy with the slow pace as the project has dragged for months. But however, the clients are willing to award design works for us to do! We were in daze. Whats made me feel happy was the fact that it is my design that is awarded initially, and that the clients are willing to let me continue with the design of other areas after knowing I am the so-called designer who designed the school's SRC. Honestly, I feel stress as I am not confident yet, and somemore I do not like my design as much as they liked it. Then again, the design is cleverly altered to the clients' wants. For that, boss and the workers do gain my respect. This is where I learn again... the alteration works along the way. I got to take a look at the half completed work, and I felt satisfy. Although, it is almost 70% different from my design... but the ideas remained. Cool. After that, we headed to Pinnacle to do a spot check on the workers. The design was done by an architect, and we were suppose to do the building. It is impressive to get to see the on-going projects, and I think I will feel enthusiastic if I get to see the final! It is awesome! Well, I decided on helping boss to do coordination the next time. It takes time to learn, but I am willing to give it a try. Although I seriously have no confident, as I am not good at time management. I am afraid I will not concentrate on my design work. But I believe it will be fine with boss as long as everything runs smoothly. Hopefully I am given a chance to help. The last stop will be to look for 21" lcd television... so we headed to Northpoint but we could not find the one within the client's budget. So we shopped for food and boss brought Old Chang Kee for Jenny and I. I do not deny that there are times I feel boss look upon my batch of intern (Jannah, Serena and myself) because we were fast and efficient. Thats why I kind of miss working with them, and think of them being here with me. Hehehe.

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