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(13/05) Thought of the day;
Thursday, May 13, 2010
11:21 PM


Today while I was waiting for the bus, I teared open a pack of RITZ SANDWICH CRACKERS (CHEESE) and had the first bite... nom nom nom*

Then I've a sudden feeling that someone around me is feeling hungry too. I felt bad for letting him/her watch me munching on the crackers, with the empty stomach. So I left a piece in the pack, in case he/she approaches me for some. Silly huh.

But before I boarded the bus, I put the last piece into my mouth and threw the packet away. At that moment, I had an uncomfortable feeling for being (rude) to the person and his/her growling stomach. I felt sorry...

In the bus, I was thinking if I will to approach the person instead... will he/she reach out his/her hand to grab the last piece? or will he/she feels shy to take the share? Therefore I had a thought of buying a carton of crackers every morning, so I can stand at the bus stop and give them away free. In that case, (I guess) the people will come towards me and get their shares that can save them from hunger (maybe) on a busy scheduled day.

Although it is free, but (I believe) the happiness of sharing and seeing the smile on their faces will be an expensive feeling. A feeling I always wanted to reach out for.

But on second thought, will the people appreciate what I am doing? or will they take advantage of this love I am spreading?

What about will I be brave to stand out there and give the crackers away?

Hmm... (Someday) I should give it a try?

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