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Sunday, May 2, 2010
5:38 PM

April 29 is Joyce's birthday...

Andy planned a celebration for her and the usual clique was invited. Sadly, most of them were unable to attend as they were occupied by school or work. Even so, I believe the six of us did have our fun... and most importantly, we hope Joyce enjoyed her special moment with us; Andy, Jinglong, Kaixin, Yingzi and myself.

Kaixin and I were early, and the others were late. So we went for window shopping till Jinglong arrived. Then we headed to Daiso to grab snacks and had it at the Sky Park while waiting for the rest. Andy came, and we proccessed with his plan of getting the cake first. When Joyce is here, she decided on having our dinner at Sushi Tei. It was my first time dining in Sushi Tei, it is good. But I prefer Waraku.

Spotted the fireworks while queuing for seats;Isn't it pretty.

Having a difficult time deciding what to eat;When it comes to food, I'm always fickle minded. I'll wish to order everything on the menu which appeal to me. But usually after the first dish, I'll feel full. So if I do order more, my stomach will be bloated for I'll force myself to finish my food unless it really tastes horrible.

While waiting for our food;ME KAIXIN JOYCE

Sushi Tei;

After the dinner, we leave immediately as it was getting late. Following Andy's plan, we were supposed to head to Sky Park... the usual place where friends hang out at. The guys went to the "Gents", to collect the cake. Yingzi and I had a discussion regarding her birthday in May. I am excited for the day to come, as it is the first time having a chalet with them! Moreover, some of us had always wanted to organise a chalet...

While having our conversations, the guys appeared with the cake to surprise Joyce. She may has guessed the plan, but I actually like how Andy began with telling her, "Sorry we did not prepare any presents or cake and you are paying for your own dinner!" Super cutezxz, hehe...

xoxoI hereby wish you success in life! Stay away from unhappiness and worries, for happiness are here for everyone.

Staring at the delicious looking cake;And we decided to dig in with the knife and our hands. Isn't is tasty to eat together! I swear it is, as initially I didn't plan to grab a single bite. But it was way too tempting...

Before finishing the last few bites;

Joyce attempted to spread some cake on me, but she failed. I was fast to push her away, but I hope I didn't give her a fright with my violet move. Then, we get excited and ran all over the place. Except for Jinglong who managed to get away from the chasing as he was holding his DSLR, and shooting the kiddish us. It was also why I didn't get the cake on me as I used him as my shield. But I can run fast too! (boasting only) Still, Joyce let me off... and so I'm the only lucky escaper. Hehehe, :> I think the one who get it badly is not the birthday girl (herself) but Andy...

Then we washed up, and laughed at ourselves. It was a tiring but enjoyable night with them...

(Photographs by Leon Grey)

P.S Yingzi, I am looking forward to your birthday!
P.S P.S I miss taking neoprint, anyone?


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