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Hooray yeah, not;
Friday, May 21, 2010
11:40 PM

marked the day I graduated
from Nanyang Polytechnic
(Space & Interior Design)
with a heavy heart.

To be honest, I wasn't excited for the graduation ceremony as I never like events which remind me that we will be separated to the next phrase in our lives. But I still take part as I am afraid we will not meet, after this day.

Before the ceremony, a video of everyone was presented. I happily recollected the moment of time spent with the class over the 3 years as I saw photo of my birthday celebration with them and photo of my project model. But suddenly, my eyes turned teary. I felt uneasy until Serena reassured me that we will all meet again. Not just her and me, but everyone!

So there were 375 graduates from SIDM and SDN. 3 courses were of the pioneer batch, and 1 of them is Space and Interior Design! We took turn to be up on the stage to collect our certificates and I can feel that the directors and lecturers were proud of us. I am thankful towards them as well as my fellow design mates.

Then, we were dismissed from the auditorium and everyone dispersed. I managed to catch up with some of them at a corner beside the photo booth, and here are the the photos...

with my dearest mother;
with Chinjie;
with Serena;
with Shufen;
with Nerissa;
with Vivian;
with Huiqian and Lisa;
with Weekiat, Singyee and Gisiang;
Where's the rest?!!!

We headed to collect our certificates, where we met up with the rest of them. Therefore, we put on our heavy graduation attire again and continued taking photos under the scorching hot sun. Such a joyful moment...

with Chinwei;
hooray yeah yeah;
with our certificates;

We had our lunch at Koufu, and Weoimin suggested to take a last tour at school of Design as well as to meet our lecturers... took the last photos with them before we leave the school for graduation celebration, using our class fund that was collected over a year.

At Max Brenner (Esplanade) with my fun loving friends... it is an awesomely wonderful place if you ♡ chocolate as much as I do. Mouth watering desserts and drinks! I will definitely go there again...

with Hayati;with Phalla;
Prettyfly teaching us the method of mixing the drink;
Lastly, a class photo;

To end off this post... dear fellow design mates, it is my pleasure to meet you all in this chapter of my life. We had gone through the ups and downs, and it made us stay stronger together. The 'field' trip, the outings, the birthday celebrations, the late nights in school... all the good times. Thanks for being here for these 3 years, my very very awesome friends! Good luck. Keep in touch ♥

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever...

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