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Simple is beautiful;
Sunday, April 25, 2010
11:59 PM

Monday. Dragged myself out of bed. To meet the buddies; Chinjie, Jiehui, Martin, Weihong, Wenyu, at 11am in KCPSS. For the economic rice. Walked under blocks to Junction 8. Jubeat, I like! Bubble tea. m&m's MINIS. Chit chat. Walked home. In a joyful mood. Out to Toa Payoh. To meet the girlfriends; Gisiang, Yvonne. Chit chat. Getting overly excited to claim pay and fund! Jobs hunting. Popeyes. Home. Hit the bed at 11pm but only slept at 3am. Thinking of whatever I can think of. Tuesday. 4 hours later. Woke up. Be in SNEC at 8:45am. Eyes check up. Outram Park to Dhoby Ghaut to Bishan to Yishun. Met the girlfriends; Singyee, Yvonne. Bread. Swimming at Safra, super shiok! Yvonne's place. Jobs hunting. Hong Kong Cafe. Window shopping. MacDonald double chocolate, love! Home. Chatted with Ariff, Wenyu. Best conversations! Bring me a good smile to sleep. Wednesday. Up at 8am, out at 9am to meet the girls; Singyee, Yvonne for interview. KFC A.M. Got the call to work for 4 days next week! Gisiang joined us, at Orchard. Window shopping. Yam cake. Chocolate ice cream. Tired tired tired tired tired. Left them for home. Slept at 9pm! But dang' kept waking up in the middle of the night. When will I have a good 8 hours of sleep, everyday! Thursday. Up at 8am, out at 10am. Met the girls for training from 11am to 3pm. Super shy to allow the others to see my body. As we need to try on the machine, to let us have a feel. Off for another interview together. But I think the job is not suitable for me. Hmm. Maybe I shall stop looking for job, and agree to work with my intern company. Back to Bishan. Koi bubble tea. Had a long, good conversation with Singyee. Home. Shop Zipia, many items I like! Sian, I have plans to achieve... it is not the time for me to spend, yet. Sleep. Friday. Up before 12am. Watched 恶作剧2吻. Biscuit and Milo for brunch. Dislike being home alone, it will mean no meal for me. Worst was it rained. The house is dark, and I was scared. Afraid of strong rain and wind. Out for dinner with Andrew and Joshua. Chit chat. Within Temptation - Angels. Earth VS Moon. Desmond came to meet us, but he looked tired. Therefore he went home. Name animals. Forfeit. Joshua and I had a run, machiam catching. Shiok feeling. Off, walked home. Slept in the midnight, as usual. Saturday. Up at 10am. Continued watching 恶作剧2吻. Out to Bugis to meet the friends; Andy, Jinglong, Joyce, June, Meldric, Weijie, Yingzi. Meldric brought us gifts, and I got a cute cup from him. It meant lasting friendship! Walked to Marina Square for dinner at Just Acia. Love the soft floats and ice creams! By the river outside Esplanade. Chit chat. Bus 162 home. Depress, for my friends are going to serve NS soon. Many of them received the enlistment letter and will be in in June if not August. I feel... well... sad... but I need to be strong, for they want me to be and not let them be worry for me. Ever my brother will be in too!!! Sunday. Out with the ol' friends; Andrew, Khimhee, Minlwin. Lunch at Waraku, super nice food! Famous Amos. Window shopping at 313 Somerset. Desmond and his girlfriend, Germaine, joined us for Shutter Island. Good plot, but to be honest... confusing until they explained to me. Giddy though. Joshua came. Back to Bishan. Chit chat and good time sharing our thoughts. Home. Stress and worry over work for this week... Yvonne, Singyee LETS DO OUR BEST! THIS IS MY LIFE; SIMPLE. BUT BEAUTIFUL!

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