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Humpty Dumpty;
Sunday, April 18, 2010
11:59 PM

Had a great fall, today.

Remember the last trip to West Coast Park... I wished we were kids, again. So my brothers and I will be dashing to the playground. Chasing here and there. Crawling in and out. Climbing up and down. Getting crazy with the sand!!!

Cute eh, :>

And tadah... I never thought the mother will be the one, to hit the playground just now. For she wanted to try the swing badly. To swing from one point to another, but it usually stop before you get to the other end. So I thought I can be of great help, and may get to try the swing too. But dang, I slided down the slope with scratches on my fingers. At the moment, I felt lost? and about to tear. Silly huh. But I cannot explain this feeling... pain. More than it. C'mon... it is a small injury only. It will heal soon. But it leaves an impact. Somehow. I feel like a retard.

Then back to the field for kite flying. But we failed! The sun is scorching hot and the wind is cmi...

Moi beri veri cutezxzx marmiie ^

But it was not a wasted trip. Because I climbed the "spider web"! Hehehe... and I am not the last to be at the top. "I don't want to say who la hor..." > Sounds familiar? Bleh.

Like shiok only ^

Smile ^

To end the day we had ice creams... drools.


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