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Honest ♡;
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
11:59 PM

I have to be honest to my heart... April is here. I waited for the 7th. Not just to wish him happy birthday. But hoping to catch up. Silly huh. I have his number, and I know he will reply to my messages. Cause never had he not do so. But why do I not have the courage to text him, already. Maybe I was worry I will be a disturb to him. Or maybe, I should stop adding Xs on my forehead and quit acting like a pathetic loser. Anyhow, I never see him for months. Not even a photo of him. Till today. I happened to see one. I felt that he is becoming a stranger to me. Too far to catch up with. He has his friends, his life. Then I realised all along I never know him. Neither did I try to. Nor will I try to. So why do I have to try so hard to be his friend, again. But still, I wished him, sincerely. And thats it. I never try to ask for a meet up, for I know it does not matter, anymore. Because I know myself. So it will remain like now, and forever. See him around.

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