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Chopsticks twin;
Friday, April 9, 2010
11:35 PM

I always believe in her, in us. To be the f orever friends. It is interesting how this friendship begins, and thats through our friends. Back in our secondary, we are "The Chopsticks". Tall and skinny. Always together. Standing for each others, strongly. Building this friendship. Adorable huh. She is respectable, teaching me to be strong. And I surely learn much from her. We had many moments together, and I remember all. Even the one and only time we quarrelled. But we patched up in less than 24 hours. Because she is important to me, and I will not want to lose a good friend. What makes me feel better was she makes me feel important too. Although the environment we are in now is different, and it changes us. But it never stop us from staying close. Today. We find time for ourselves, chat over dinner. It seems like we have never ending talk. About ourselves, and every other important people in our lives. To have her as a friend, it is my pleasure. I appreciate her. So no matter what I will hold on to her, to all the important friends... and I know they will do the same.

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09 July 1990

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