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Because they have a place in my heart;
Thursday, April 15, 2010
11:59 PM

How will we be, 5 years down. It does not matter, actually. Because seeing how we are today. I am happy we come this far. 3++ years. Never have I expect myself to be meeting you guys, again and again. Nor have I expect us to be cliqued happily together. But we did it. I did it! Because I am sure of the friends I want to keep. Though I have always wonder, why... we did not, never, been this close in secondary days. It is ironic... as the one I used to be with, are no longer here. Other than the few. The best one, of course. But somehow. It is fair and I feel lucky. For I did not have a hard time getting to know who are the one worth keeping. Friends like them, are hard to get. So I am grateful they choose me, and I choose them too. Manhattan Fish Market. Sharing about their Taiwan and Hong Kong trip. Jubeat. Kick-Ass. Hit girl♥. S11. Hot milo. Paintball. Blah blah blah. Everything and everyone we can talk about! Even set on going back to secondary school for lunch coming Monday. Hehehe, my cute friends. I like!

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