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The last step;
Tuesday, March 9, 2010
9:36 PM

WHY! Why am I having a mixed feeling about graduation show.

I didn't tell my family or friends about the date of my graduation show. As I am having a difficult time convincing myself, I can do it. I wasn't proud of my design. It is crap, and I can't seem to explain it.

Well, my parents found out about my graduation show and they are eager to attend on the opening night. I am worry, and nervous. HOW!

But I can't be bother about the show and whatever. I want to complete my presentation boards and portfolio, and thats it.


Anyhow, I do hope my family and friends will be around on my graduation day! GRADUATION DAY! Not graduation show hor! The day I hold the certificate. (Thats if I can pass this final semester!) Must come okay if I can make it. Hehehe, :>

If you wish to come, tell me! I will inform you, wide smile...

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