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When we were young;
Monday, March 22, 2010
10:32 PM

(Credit to: Raymond aka wrapKid)
mAgic0dar, xoxo!

Raymond was chatting with me over Msn, and I was reminded of Maplestory! I used to be an addict, levelling my priest xXyusukeXx. It is a male character, as my brother doesn't want me to make friends through the net. So I chiong to level 91? with the help of many friends! I started training with Changsiang, then Weihong(blahblahmaru?)... and many others. Sadly, I can't remember their IGNs. Only one, Weisheng... fireboiz! Hehe. Well, it had been years back since I last train the character... the program is already gone from my laptop, and we never install. So I can't play it now, though I really wish I can. I will want to upload more photos, but I have none since my hard disk gone crazy last year. So sad. And xXyusukeXx is not in the above picture ley, must be dating with fireboiz. Hahaha! Anyhow, some of them I met them in person before... Kuangek, Raymond, Shiting, Weicai, Weijie? etc etc. Somehow I do remember our first guild meet out was at Plaza Singapura McDonald! & they were all shy. I was lucky for my brother and his girlfriend is with me. As well as Weisheng. Enough sharing. Maybe someday we will gather together, though it will be awkward. But I guess it is fun talking about it.

So I wonder how is everyone doing? Raymond is fine, I guess. But stuck in RP with his I-don't-know-what-aeroplane? course. Kuangek should be graduating this year... and I miss her, gekgek! Oh, and tingting! AwwD: WC and WJ...! :b

Anyhow... enough of Maplestory! I am gonna learn Dota from Weisheng, I hope. Soon, as he promised! And Kaixin will learn too. Then we will be able to play with our brothers and friends. Shiok ley... who wanna play with me? Haha, I noob only. Wa, noob noob noob! Hehehe, :>

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