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Thursday, March 25, 2010
12:58 PM

This week in AWESOME
It had been a great week, lots of fun and exciting gatherings going on. One of the most awesome being Zhiming's 20th celebration organised by Yvonne. It was held on last Saturday, near my place. For barbecue. I was excited for this gathering for the girlfriends will be present, and their boyfriends too. Singyee and Weekiat, Yinghui and Sam, Yvonne and Zhiming, Gisiang, and myself! It had been months back since I get together with them, the five girls including myself. As school was a bitch... and I haven't been enjoying myself in 2010, until this week! Pathetic much. And, now I am having a difficult time deciding what's next for me... many considerations to be made. It is not just about work and study... sigh.

Anyhow, lets talk about the food... the beef lasagna baked by Singyee was good. As well as the oreo cheesecake with strawberries baked by Gisiang, Sam, Yinghui, Yvonne. The durian cake was tasty too. Honestly, they are good bakers! I wonder when will I start to cook/bake whatever... I guess it won't happen anytime soon. Years later... maybe.

So we played 10, J, Q, K, 1! I was freaking unlucky, but hehe... they drank the share of Vodka Peach + Raspberry 7up for me. Very disgusting ley. I dislike drinking, already. Texas Poker, with sticks! Till around 5am. Cool shiet. And I am addicted to it.

Alright. Let the photos do the speaking;
(I lovezxz the pinhole effect from Yvonne's Olympus pen digital camera!)

Happy Birthday, Zhiming!(on 240310)


on Sunday, it was kite flying with the family! As mentioned on my previous post dated 220310.

on Monday, I took a rest. Did what I am doing today. Breakfast, facebook, blog hop, fashion tv... laze around while typing naozxz. Dang, extremely lazy.

on Tuesday, I went for a swim with the girlfriends. It is shiok! I didn't expect myself to go for a swim after years of not doing so. But I was really shy to be in swimsuit. Maybe not anymore? Oh seriously, I can't remember when was the last time I am in a swimming costume man. And I don't even own a piece now! Haha. I wish I can swim better, like when I first learnt swimming in my primary days. At that times, 20 laps wasn't a problem! Now, 2 laps and I am dead tired TTM. No stamina, and I have to take extra care of my weak condition. Grr... but still, it was a good work out! After our meals, I headed to Kaixin's place to wait for Andrew and Hanming to be ready for supper at RK prata house. Tried playing Audition? and I suck in it! In the end, Hanming can't make it. But it was good, as Andrew and I still decided to catch up. Oh 5 years later, I hope we will be back chatting with each others like how we do that night... everything changes, but our friendship remains. FOR AS LONG AS WE PUT IN EFFORT IN IT! I believe. Then again, I don't feel pathetic... and I am sure I grew up. Very sure, :)

on Wednesday, I went to the temple with my grandmother and mother to pray to my grandfather. I miss him, :( After that, I met with Jasmine and Serena for shopping at Orchard. Again, nothing caught my eyes. Nothing. But the same pair of heels I tried before, at New Look. So I made a reservation and decided to get it tomorrow, yeahness! But sadly, no one will wanna walk beside me if I am going to wear the heels out. Damn sian, why I so tall! Fml. Anyway, we planned for a class gathering next Wednesday... and I hope to see them, kind of miss my RA-RA friends. Haha.

So, tomorrow I will be going for a swim again! with the girlfriends. And maybe we will get to Texas Poker, hehe. Then it will be meet up with Kaixin and the bloggers! As I promised Weijie to bring him to have delicious tom yum. The place where Lisa recommended before. Shiok ley! Happy only... and Saturday I will be catching Kidnappers with them!

I am all excited for my days! This is how life should be...?

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