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I am not afraid to say;
Monday, March 22, 2010
12:34 AM

No matter what happens, I will always be standing on their sides.
How bad it seems when we quarrel/fight, it is our way of bonding.
The many wrongs we may do to the others, these are just mistakes.

Yes bingo, I am defeative towards them!

˙plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ sǝıʇıd ƃuıuıɐƃ ˙sn uo ƃuıɹɐǝʍs puɐ ƃuısɹnɔ ɹoɟ
˙suoısıɔǝp ɹnoʎ oʇuı noʎ pǝɔɹoɟ ǝʍ ǝʞıl ˙sn oʇ sǝɯɐlq ƃuıɥsnd ɹoɟ
¡ɟlǝsɹnoʎ 'noʎ 'noʎ ɟo ǝɹnsun ƃuıǝq ˙ɟlǝsɹnoʎ oʇ ɹǝsol ƃıq ɐ ƃuıǝq ɹoɟ

No! Quit trying hard to break us apart.

You don't deserve our pities. Goodbye, don't see you again! Shoo shoo shoo!

sometimes my family is such 'loser' LORZXZXZ~

I didn't expect myself to stay out till 5am? on Saturday, failing to do a good planning for Sunday kite flying and fishing session. So I left a note to my dearest mother hoping she did the planning. But dang, the planning wasn't smooth. The worst is when I have to wake my brothers up!!! They will push me here and there, till I get pissed. But I was smarter today. I called my elder brother to has him pushing me to my younger brother. Then I called my younger brother to has him pushing me to my youngest brother. Then I called my youngest brother, and he ignored me. So I thought, forget it. And surprisingly, the younger brother woke up followed by the elder, then the youngest. Though the youngest brother woke up to rant to the mother about me disturbing his sleep. Z! So I asked my daddy if he is coming with us, and he said no for there is not enough seats in the car. Thats sad. But I thought it is an excuse as we used to squeeze to 7. So yeah... the mother asked me not to force anyone to come along. And thats why I think my family is such loser. It is family day, why can't we get out of the house together, happily! And of course, to come home happily as well. Why why why?!

no planning may mean good planning?

So, there are my mother, my elder brother, my younger brother, Joanne and myself. The five of us... heading towards West Coast Park under the hot sun. It is the weekend, and we expected the crowd. Moreover, there was an event held there. We had brunch at McDonald. And before we get to collect our equipments, we witnessed the sudden heavy downpour coming from our left. The next moment, everyone was running for shelter. Very interesting! Haha. So we are in the McDonald, bored. Entertaining ourselves w finger games, and laughing at the brothers for having the 'same patterns' on pushing me here and there blah blah. After 30 minutes or so, the rain stopped. The brothers didn't get to find good spot to fish, so we decided to head to the field for kite fly! I was so excited. But always fail to start. So the younger brother helped me, and yes... my 'Mermaid' kite is up in the sky! I manage to control the kite. Hehe. But it started to rain again!!! And since we are already drenched, we played under the rain. The wind blowing against us, and the raindrops on our faces... I felt like a kid, once again. Hehehe. We didn't get to play for long, but I was very happy!

If I am a kid, I will love the playground there;
Tall trees;
path ahead;
My chio 'Mermaid' kite;
Happy girl;
Up in the sky;
We ever went to Seng Kang Riverside Park to check out for our next week kite flying session...

I guess the rain came at the right time? Maybe. Just maybe.

But the happiest was to know my brothers enjoyed themselves. And I believe everyone did, including myself. This is what I call FAMILY. Although the father and youngest brother are not around, but I am sure we will be as happy or ever happier if they are around!

*wide smile*

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