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Sunday, March 14, 2010
11:59 PM

Goodbye Twitter... You are cool, no more.

Sometimes I still pick up my phone, type a short sentence of (what am I doing/what is on my mind)... and realise hey, I deleted my Twitter account... damn it! But since it is gone for good?, I am lazy to create it again 'cause the reason that urges me to keep the account, is the reason that makes me decide to delete.

Graduation show is OVER, & I'm 'free'! (fly fly away, high up above)
But boring ley... so dear friends, it is time we meet up! before I grow old, rotting at home.

Hmmmmm well... actually, there is a list of I-Need-To-Do & I-Want-To-Do. But yes, there is always a tomorrow. HAHAHA!

Sooooo, what's on my mind this Sunday, today?
I'm so bored. I'm so bored. I wanna go fly kite, but crying ley. Oops, what the hell was I thinking... I meant raining. Yes, heaven crying... not me. Or is it you... Serena, you crying? Or Ariff? Okay crap... & then I was thinking NAFA, LASALLE, or WORK! & awwD: I very worry for her. Whoever bully her means going against me! Hmm, but she should be able to handle... no matter what, I will be there. She knows I will. & oh yeah, Tuesday going to Johor Bahru with old man and classmates! Excited much. & hai... how is he doing, maybe next week or sometimes soon i shall ask him out... or maybe. Sian not brave enough. Haiya, I have so much fucking random thoughts today!

Sleep time, yeah!

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