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My words;
Saturday, February 6, 2010
9:28 AM

10022010 is nearing! Dooooomz day or what.

I can't tell if I'm looking forward to the day or dread it coming? Both, I guess. I'll be glad for it is almost over. (Note the word 'almost') I believe after the day, we'll be polishing our projects for the final show, Unit 10. But at least, I'll feel much relieve. Well, there is surely a reason why I dread it... and that's because I haven't complete the project! & I highly doubt I will complete. The past weeks have been tough... breaking down several times, in school at home. Thankfully, I have great family and friends here for me, :>

The worst was I become absent-minded. (Side track) There was one afternoon when I forgot to bring the towel (usually hang in the living room) into the bathroom! There was my youngest brother who was sleeping, and shouting for him is impossible? At that moment, I do have the thought of dashing out for my towel, if not... maybe I can grab anyone's towel in the master bedroom. But sadly, I can't do so!!! The contractors, a street away at high level, can see. Since my mother feels uncomfortable to take her nap in her room. Therefore, I dare not take the risk. I even opened my parent's wardrobe (directly outside the bathroom) hoping there is towel in there, but there isn't. & luckily, my brother woke up in time to save me. Then, I was thinking... what if I rushed out to the living room that moment, and my brother saw me nude before I grab the towel. It will be so LOL, embarrassing.

Anyhow, as I'm struggling in my project... I neglected the family. The days have been difficult for them too, rushing to complete the work assigned. But they offered to help me, even though they are hell tired. The supports keep me going, I won't wanna disappoint everyone. But I do have the thought of giving up at times, even till today I still do. Somehow, I am sad when the house is empty. Though I do complain about how noisy it is when they are around. But that should be how my family is. I miss them, although I see them daily. And oh, I wish my elder brother "happy 21st birthday" on the 08022010. For I'm worry I'll forget again when I get busy. I'm sorry, for not having the time to celebrate with him. Moreover, I'm asking for his time. ARGH! But he understood, :)

Well, before I end...

Dear God,
I pray for good health for the family, the friends and myself.
The positive energy for us to complete our work...

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