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Friday, February 12, 2010
2:44 PM

So you think you can have a good break after 10FEB? Plain stupid...!

Every corner of the house is in a huge mess caused by me, alone. I seriously have the urge to clear all these fucking nbcb shits into the dump. The sight of anything related to the project, to the school frustrate me. I don't care if I will be grade badly. I don't care if I fail. I don't care for this shit, anymore. Everyone who cares to push me to complete this project, can jolly well step back and don't care about me. Unless you want me to hate you for the rest of my life. Leave me alone to die, unless you want to die with me. If not, no one should bother to hold me up, give me hopes that they are dying with me... then leave me alone, in this stage... miserable, and I hate you all as much as I hate myself. I'm a loser. F orever living in denial. Full of excuses. Lazy. Negative. Useless. Hopeless... whatsoever man!

In denial. Alone.


Hate to believe this; but...
Everyone is a liar. Big fat ugly liars.


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