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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
5:55 AM

Now, it doesn't matter if I fail or not.

In the heart,
I've already failed BADLY. As the daughter.

A moment ago...
as I looked at my mother sleeping on the couches,
the tears rolled down uncontrollably.

I feel sorry to worry her,
crying in front of her (many times!)
& I hate myself for being a crybaby.

There is NEVER a time I don't cry when faced with problems.
Especially when there is someone I can rely on with me.

I really want to be as firm and strong as my mother.
But I doubt I will ever be.

It is looking into her eyes that tell me...
Everything is fine.
She will be here.

But she doesn't express it in words.
She will say, "为什么你哭, 不用哭啦."
HAHAHA (Cute or what!)

I mean she does know why I cry,
But I guess she wants to let me know she is here.

Waking me up.
Fetching me to and fro school.
Buying my favourite drink and biscult.
Blah blah blah... ALL IN THE MIDNIGHT.

The effort she puts in this family...
Will come to a good end.

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