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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
1:40 AM

As we grew up,
my brothers acted like they didn't care,
but I always knew they looked out for me
and were there! ♥

Happy Chinese New Year to U'all

I wasn't excited for CNY, not even abit. But I was happy to see the family getting out of the house together, squeezing into the car, heading to grandmothers' place... prefect! & every year I wonder will these ever stop in the years to come... I hope not.

I miss the years when everyone gathered at great grandmother's place. When we were young... chasing at the void deck... playing sparkles etc. Making so much noise! But sadly, it will never happen again. Still. At least I have the chance to experience the closeness and joy, unlike my little cousins.

This year, I'm glad I didn't miss the fortune-telling (算命). My uncle is absolutely right, I do believe in him. I wish to share what he told me... but maybe not, not here. I'm too lazy to type. Anyway, he is the uncle I'm closer to as he used to take care of me. I remember he likes to use the corner of the pillow to tickle me... "ah qiqi ah". Hahaha haha! Well, so yeah... if I go through this crucial stage... hmm, : D

gRRR, sleepy...

Yes. No matter how my brothers look, behaviour etc... I must love them! It is one of my mother's greatest wish. I'm sure she doesn't want me to hate them for her, for the father. Even though they are always the cause to the quarrels and fights, but she forgives them. It may hurt to see the parents quarrelling because of them, but it will hurt her to see me hating them. She is great. More than I thought she is. Because she said... ... ... ... ... ... I wished daddy was me when she told me those words. He will be touch to tears.

Hehehe, :>

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