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Saturday, February 27, 2010
7:53 PM

Machiam cousins horz...

But NO...
they are my blogger family!

I had a happy Sunday w them at Meldric's place. Gambling and webcaming. But the tortuing part was the long travelling time to Boon Lay and back to Bishan. URGH, I'm lazy... maybe this will urge me to go learn driving? or maybe I will be lazy to learn...? Anyhow, I am sincerely glad to get to know them. Although I am very much different from them, but somehow being w them can be carefree. Rather than cropping myself in the house sleeping my days away. Hehehe :>

Well. Yesterday they gathered at Andy's place. And sadly, I missed the fun. Due to SCHOOL! But everything was going smoothly w Jasmine's help. I am really sick of school. I want to get out, but w a certificate... please. Today, now... I could be out w the friends or sleeping my day away. But dang, I am doing the rendering for the presentation boards which are due weeks ago. So lazy can. But I don't have a choice. I better do, I better do.

Hopefully, this is the last weekends I am feeling miserable. I want picnic w the family. I want to meet my friends, many of them. For shopping. To learn cooking? To learn Dota... walao, I really have so many I-Want-To-Do waiting for me!!!

& I must save more! Now I can't go anywhere out of Singapore. No money, :(


P.S First time having dinner at Yvonne's place w the girlfriends, and watching them play mahjong. Great evening.
P.S P.S 我要upload照片of Ah Tee uncle & his friends fishing in Maldives! Beautiful ocean and sunset♥


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