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They don't know us anyway;
Friday, December 4, 2009
3:02 AM

I've strong feeling of hatred, so much that I forget what is love.

We, people, are so fake.

I believe what I was told.
But I do not trust anyone.
I just face the cruel reality.
Because y'know, life is unfair.

I believe in Karma.

All good or bad, happy or sad comes to an end.
Round and round you go, it changes every round.

Lately I have been trying to write my feelings and thoughts down. But many times I failed. Hence this space of mine is being neglected. Neither is time on my side. As projects are weighing me down. School, school and my life is about school. How horrible! How pathetic. But it will be over real soon!

I can hardly enjoy the beautiful things around. Even so, it is just two good days at the end of November; Nerissa's 21st birthday party and Andrew's 19th birthday celebration. WHY the fun days just come and go. These days are memorable, and should be share here. But somehow, without me realizing, it is December already. There goes. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves much!

Happy birthday Nerissa!

Happy birthday Andrew!

Anyhow, the girls are going to Japan. I surely miss them especially Jasmine and Serena. Because I don't know who to look for when I'm lost. The bond between us, no one else can understand. Always talking to them, listening to them. Knowing that they understand the most. Studio will be of less fun. No teasing of Jasmine and Nerissa. No destruction from Serena. Oh man, I sound like they are going there for months. But no, just a week. And I wish they enjoy themselves. Come back with many stories to tell. Singyee too, will miss you!

OH YEAH! Let me tell the world this: MY MUMMY IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! She has been giving me so much attention, care, love! Even gift for encouragement. Sometimes I wish, I have a boyfriend as perfect as she is. So everything feel like it is taken care of, lesser worry...

AH, 04:18AM. I should go sleep, gonna wake slowpoke up later. Dang.

P.S If you wanna know, ask and I may tell. Don't assume, :)
P.S P.S Ranting too much! Happy days are keep in the hearts.

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