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Thursday, December 17, 2009
10:44 PM

FINALLY! The term break is here, after tomorrow. Happy for me?

I'm glad I struggled through this term. But disappointed for not achieving much in my final year project. Maybe because all of us were fighting with another project. I believe this project will improve my grade. So nothing to rant about it.

I gave myself a good break after this group project. Enjoyed my days watching Momo Love and Hi My Sweetheart... (giggles)

*Checking on Twitter*

I'm having poor memory. Been viewing my tweets to help myself remember what have been happening lately. Terrible, isn't it...?

Last Friday I skipped school to rest at home before meeting the friends in Orchard, for a simple celebration for Jonathan's belated birthday and Yinghui's advance birthday. Gisiang and I spent some time to look for their presents before they, including Yvonne, joined us. Had dinner before catching Storm Warriors. Don't really enjoy the show... so much of "Jiang Jiang... Jiang Jiang Jiang" and nothing else. But the ending was pretty touching yet predicted. Good rest on the Saturday, but was unwell in the night before waking up real early to head to Vivo City to meet Joyce, Weijie and the rest to Sentosa. Had the chance to be in the PIRATES (4D Magic), DESPERADOS and EXTREME LOG RIDE. Amazing, wowx3! Y'know I should have to pay U.P. $48 or $37.90 (after discount) but nox3, it is free. Glad that Joyce and Weijie invited Kaixin and myself along. But sadly, Kaixin missed thy good fun. We had our free lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant. Nicex3! After, the day was spent shopping at Vivo City and Orchard. In the night met up with Weisheng for dinner. Ha, his daddy do remember me... and that I am in my 3rd year. Weilun and Xiuyan joined us. Ate at Mei Yan Dian. Then home sweet home.

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Mr. Slowpoke has been keeping me awake for nights, nudging me to do my final year project. I hope my spirit to do the best will grow and not die. Sometimes friend like him really make the day a better one. Somehow I know it is time I be there for others and not always expecting others to be here for me. I may look unapproachable, but I am not. There are times when I know my friends feeling negative and I really wish to tell them... cheer up, you can do it etc. But sigh... there are friends you have to keep a distance. To keep away from 'shits'. Not them, but the people around. It pains yet I still wish to be there for them, ever though they may be someone I know for days only. Well, they won't know I wanna be there...

Tuesday afternoon... Mummy accompanied me to Boat Quay for project purpose. Scorching sun, sweated much! Yet she didn't complain. Very touched. I kept reminding myself that others are worrying for me and it is time I buck up before it is too late. Jiayou Jiaqi!!!

Urgh! I can go on and on, but I need to do my project. Ciao naozxzx!

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