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Get Together;
Thursday, December 24, 2009
1:47 AM

Update 31.12 14:31PM/

22.12 Get together with the friends from my school for Christmas Party, as well as to welcome the friends who went to Japan back to Singapore. Plenty of food. But sadly, I didn't take much. Not even the log cake. Was not in the mood then. Until they shared their experiences in Japan. Pretty interesting. Sean and his family joined us. He introduced us as aunties to his adorable boys. They are shy though. Then came Larry at the late hour, just in time for the gift exchange. I got Shufen's and Sean got mine. Ooooh I didn't tell them, it is a MUJI pencil that I had gotten. Great gift! And seriously Shufen made the effort to do the gift wrap herself, and I am keeping it.

The warmth within;

Impressed to see creative gifts passed around. Everyone is happy to receive gift, who isn't. After, the few of us rushed out to catch the train...

24.12 Out with the girlfriends and friends to Bugis Iluma to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. The movie brought me much laughter. Separated before the usual Christmas countdown together, as they have something on. Leaving Gisiang and I, not wishing to go home so early. Therefore headed to Orchard, where the crowd is. But definitely not to squeeze throughout the night with the earthlings. We just wanted the festive atmosphere with them. So off to a quieter corner at Wheellock Starbucks for coffee and cakes. We had an awesomely long conversation till around 4am. Talking about the great friends around us, about the relationships, about the school, about everything we can share! Was into the conversation, until a paper dropped onto the table... and when I looked up, there it was... face to face, a man begging for money. I got an ENORMOUS shock, and my face turned very pale. Everyone around who noted him was looking at me, and my priceless expression. Some giving me a mysterious smile. I was very embarrassed. Gisiang is kind enough to donate the money to him. At least that will shoo him off from us. Thats the worst part of the day. The not so worst one was when we had a hard time looking for the washroom after we left Starbucks. Now we know, the handicap toilet in Wheellock is available. Shaw House as well. But the lights are off!!! Anyhow, the chocolate cornflakes Gisiang made for us is tasty. I LIKE!

25.12 On Christmas, the friends from blogging world gathered together at Stephen and Cedric's place. The twins, really look alike! It surprised me to see the many pringles under the Christmas tree. We had Indian buffet, my first time. Loves the muttons, it is the best... I HAD FUN WITH YOU GUYS! The end. (sorry people)

Pringles Pringles Pringles; luv the cheese flavour

Kai Xin

Happy moment

Joyce Stella Hui Zax Hong Peng Kipta Qianyi


Candle holder from Ying Zi; luv' it, so pretty




Everyone don't like him, geez

Meldric aka Mel-di


Ashton Jovian Cedric Brandon Stephen

Rock on


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