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The tears, are everything;
Thursday, November 12, 2009
10:58 PM

Hai. I can't help but to think that I'll fail my final year project. Feeling lost and helpless. Been hiding these feelings for a long while. I can't take it anymore. Stress! Vented out the frustration at my parents. Still feeling guilty. It pains them to see me in this state. Lying to them I'm fine. Be caught crying in the room. Throwing my bad temper at them. Feeling their efforts to give in in every ways. Knowing I have to apologise. Hating myself for being a terrible daughter. Kill me. Kill me. Please.

Keeping in mind I have really sweet parents. Being patient and tolerating every nonsense I created. Trying to go with my decision although it is not the best. But as long if I'm happy. I will give in anything to learn to be better. Everything will never replace their love.

Friends are the second best. Especially when you least expect them to be here, they are. They may not be the closest. But they are someone in my heart. Just feel thankful to have listening ears for me when I'm down. Really appreciate. Every nice words they said, is meaningful.

(looking at an adorable cat named ahgirl, meow~)

Sigh. I will tear anytime still. Because simple caring words from Weijie made me teared while I was at the bus stop. How embarrassing. The more he said, the more I teared. Good, because it is tear of happiness? Happy to have him. To have be friend with the group of unique them. Must cherish them. When I calm down, I smiled like a retard at his messages. How sweet he is! Yay, lovelove.

Hopefully everything will go smoother in my life, pray hard*

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