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Thursday, November 19, 2009
2:01 AM

I've the urge to pour out everything here since the start of this week, but I actually forgot the many thoughts I had. Lack of sleep = bad memory. Hai, I'm so forgetful that I left the paper at the printer after scanning and not saving the work, and to lose the gift Yvonne gave me. I don't even remember if I left it in the class, the toilet or the bus. Very sad, hopefully I can see it in class tomorrow. If not, I'm really sorry to lose this gift from her, :'(

To be forgetful is very very terrible. I cannot remember what needs to be done, and what needs to be bought. Must jot down somewhere to remind myself. If not everything will screw up, even more than now.

My grandmother specially boiled herb soup for me, feel so blessed. Guess my mother told her that I'm overwhelm by projects, and she is worry for me now. I don't meant to worry so many people, but I can't keep it in me anymore. I feel so miserable because of projects. It is the last year, and is screwing up. Don't know what is happening. To be frank, this three years in polytechnic is taking up my health. Somehow, I get weaker and weaker day after day.

Oh really thankful to have Ain and Jasmine as group members. Although we may have disagreements, but everything is getting smoother now? At least they don't blame if one don't do very well in their part. They even tried to help, but failed. It is just me; someone who will feel bad when the work is not up to my expectation. "Drink a cup of milk and go to sleep", this is awwwesomeee!!!

... I'm tired. Goodnight Y'all.

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