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"Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest."
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
1:21 AM

I'm tired. Really tired. But somehow even if I'm on the bed now, I will not doze off soon. Just like yesterday, it took me 4 hours of toss and turn before I really go to sleep. Terrible not! Don't know what's really on my mind, but should be either I was too excited for school or was worried over projects. The latter sounds more 'real' huh. Whatever it is, school started! It's my final semester, I've to work much harder and faster! I must keep this in mind, although I'm not prepare for anything. Still, I need to move... and pray hard I'm on the right direction. Think this is really tough... and actually I hope for encouragements along the way!

You all know it does help-

First day of school, with hell lotsa laughter, playing "who, HUH, blah blah blah", "chop chili chop", "batman, superman, ultraman" and "simson says"!!! These seriously brighten our mood.

And after school... Jasmine, Shufen and myself headed to Ang Mo Kio to have our dinner before we went to watch "Summer's tail" in a shophouse at Chinatown. It's such a sweet and touching film, I like! The best is, I love the atmosphere in this space... we looked around and spent some time there, definitely a wonderful place to be.

Back home, and yeah' stress hit me. I h8 it! I know it's only the beginning, but you don't know I already feel the pressure on me. Right now, I'm.. hai. I miss.. hai. Forget it.

On the happier side, we celebrated Serena's 19th and Shufen's 21st at Coasta Sands Resort. It was a burst, right after the family members left us to have our own time. We drank, dance, whatsoever man! It was damn good! Damn good...! I wish the time stopped that night... ... more peektures on facebook, go go go!

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