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(10/10) Tonight I celebrate my love for you
Saturday, October 10, 2009
1:24 PM

Listening to:

Forbidden Love - S.E.N.S.

(Suddenly...) Maybe I have missed out the meaning in the past. But... somehow, this song brings more meaning than before. As it replays through my mind, I feel my heart tearing. The value of the tears.

You know it all, ♥.

Anyhow, yesterday was awesomely enjoyable!!!

In the afternoon, Gisiang brought me to the D.I.Y cake shop at Jurong Point. She decided to design a cake for Yvonne and Singyee. Hence, I tagged along to help her. We were clueless what to design, but we put our hearts in designing. Overall, it is a pretty sweet designed cake. Gisiang is really thoughtful to think of such an idea, and every year she had been planning for their birthdays with a new surprise, such a lovely friend.

It took us more than an hour to complete the cake, but both of us enjoyed much. After, we took the train to Pasir Ris. Long journey, and we had been standing throughout the day, which was very tiring for our legs...

Barbecuing at Pasir Ris Park with the girlfriends and friends. Celebrating Singyee's birthday... even before the 12-ish, as we were already excited. Hope she love the presents, and the surprises! Most importantly, enjoyed herself. This message goes to Yvonne too, whose birthday is on the 07.10, and we celebrated with her at Sakura. Although this year celebrations are simple, but I think it is one of the best even though it is only the 8 of us. Hopefully they think alike as me... hmm. Yeah, just wondering when will it be 10... ... we should be all looking forward to the days, right. Heh heh.

Photos will be uploaded the next time, byez.

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They are the ACES! Love them♥

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