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Something different with them;
Sunday, September 6, 2009
6:01 PM

Update 08.09 01:23AM/Mind filled with thoughts, heart full of feelings

Have you ever woke up with tears? Yesterday's tears! Tears of sadness or tears of happiness, how does it feel.

Saturday marked the third time I had tears on my face when I opened my sleepy eyes. H8 it much! But at least it wasn't for the same reason as the first time, or maybe somehow it's related. I can't find any other reason for me to cry now, other than studies. It had became the toughest part of my life now, but I really wanna go on and not give up. Another 18 weeks after my 6 weeks of holiday, and I will be the free bird. But can I take it? I seriously don't know...

Well. It was only in the morning I felt mood less. And everything changed when Meldric and I had the thoughts of going to East Coast Park for blading and cycling respectively. To be surrounded by the nature. So we had Joyce, Mike, Stephen and Yingzi joining us in the plan.

It was a starry night, with the moon hung up above us. We sat on the rock, listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the cool breezy wind... chewing, chatting, camwhoring, blah blah blah. I felt so different then as it wasn't like the usual meet up with them. All of us except Stephen rented a bicycle. We cycled for an hour subtracting the many minutes we spent at the Skate Park? camwhoring...

Walked out of East Coast Park to catch the bus/train. Joyce, Stephen and I had a long pleasant conversation on our way home. I got to know them more. All in all, it was an enjoyable night :D


Have you ever have the urge to do something so much? Even if others feel that it is a waste of time, or you're stubborn/insane. What is it you did.

Sunday is just another day. I headed to Meldric's place at Jurong East. Weijie, Kaizhi and Meldric's friend, Sebastian were already there for their mahjong session. I wasn't very interested in mahjong so I just used facebook and watched "爱". Seriously I wasn't bored, it is just me. I love to be with friends. Even if sitting down beside friends watching them play dota etc, I never minded. After, I took a long bus ride home... and I fell asleep. Hahaha!

Well. Sometimes I just like to do things like these, spending more time with friends, and with myself. Insane? Not. I'm happy to be able to be doing things I want to the minute I think of doing it...


I was with Kaixin and Khimhee on the Monday, shopping from Ion to Isetan to Takashimaya to Marina Square. It had been years since we last shop together, right. But I still had a good time with them. Ah... and they can persuade me not to buy something expensive. I wanted to buy a pair of SDG213 laced up shoes boot but nah... I didn't. I love it a lot, but it is way too expensive. Furthermore, I seldom wear heels out. 4 inches somemore, hahaha! Still, I won't mind if anyone wanna get it for me. But actually I see a similar pair in Charles and Keith just that it doesn't has any size 41. I've long feet, :/

Heh heh, next outing with the sisters will be for buffet! I hope it won't be after we graduate? But I do understand that we're all busy with sch. Still, I'm looking forward...

Hmm, I'm starting work tomorrow. For a week. Hope Kaixin and I can be working and eating together, lalala~

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