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Fakers are losers, & I'm one;
Saturday, September 5, 2009
4:33 AM

Cry in the rain. For then no one would see, hear, feel. For then no one would ever know.

Update 07.09 10:20PM/Sadness VS Happiness

Friday is the 'doom' day! I wanted to cry, badly. But I swallowed those painful tears. It's hard on me, harder for the lecturers. They expected something from us. I don't know about others' projects, but I know mine was a disappointment, utterly. I do realise how slow I'm moving on in this project, but I just hope they'll understand my way of getting it done. I'm not a smart person who can throw anything to smoke through the test. Worst, I'm stubborn. But I won't ignore their helps. Period.

Anyhow. Holiday is here!!! After mid critique, we headed to Orchard. Soup Spoon @Paragon, Coco Before Chanel @Shaw Lido, Jane Thai Food @Orchard Towers.................... National Museum of Singapore @Stamford Road.

Silhouettes play is the fun! We self-entertained ourselves, posing like nobody's watching us. We even did the chicken dance? HAHAHA till it started to drizzle, and we took shelter outside the museum by the stairs. And when the raindrops got smaller, we went our different way home.

By then, I thought I've get over the comments made in the day, but hell no... I still h8 to hear that I'll be penalised. Less doesn't mean bad. More doesn't mean good. Can they can this into their minds?!!!

Hai. That night expressed my mixed feelings much. With the rain as my tears. With the wind as a force. Blah blah blah... but I was happy as Jordan was up to listen to me. I've no idea why, sometimes it seems easier to speak up to someone you haven't meet???

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