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Everything and nothing is on my mind;
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
8:16 PM

Update 24.09 07:59PM/Changes

In another 25 days, I will be back to 'DEATH DAYS'. Hence, I've to take joy in! But after some thoughts, I believe the fun shall stop soon. For me to have time by myself and with the favourites. Maybe throwing some time for final year project. Just maybe. Hai, because I scored shit in my result. But I believe I will do better than before, than now; for the last final.

Anyhow, I've been working since the first week of holiday. It is really tiring. But thinking of bringing my mum (and the family?) to Hong Kong next year, it is worth right. Still, I'm unsure if she can put down her worries and be at her favourite's wannabe place. It will be oh-damn awesome, if Kaixin and her mother are in for this decision. For now, it will be saving for holiday. But later in my life, I gonna save up to SGD$25,000? Most probably more? to fulfil one of my hope.

So the first week I was with Robinsons. The second week onwards, I'm with De Palmco. The first week at De Palmco I had Kaserin, Weiqiang and Yvonne. We had farewell dinner at Novena La Mei Zi, and it was Jenny's treat. We had much laughter chitting after dinner.

Front: Jenny, Kaserin, Yvonne
Back: Alvin, Jiaqi

Friday. I had dinner with Ben and Tonglee, while waiting to see the others. But however, they turned up late. So we decided to phone Lun and Sheng out. Headed to Safra for billiard, and after that we sat in Macdonald for Heng and Sheng to share their camp experience...

Saturday. Kaixin accompanied me out. But instead of our initial plan for shopping, we go to the Singapore Flyer with the people, after #SingtelINQ event at Ngee Ann City. Thanks be to Claudia for presenting us the free tickets from 24seven! Although it's my second time in the Singapore Flyer, but it is in the night this time.. with the bloggers. So it is a totally different feel, yet equally happy. But it will be better if I get to shop that night...

#SingtelINQ event;

The Return of Halloween Horrors;

Singapore Flyer;(photos credit to the rightful)

Monday. I got the chance to get on the Hippo Tour to Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam with Meldric, Weijie, Limei and the others. Exploring the places with the eyes. It is a pretty good experience, but I wish we had more time at the places...

Jiaqi, Limei, Weijie, Meldric;

Random shots;
I've been thinking alot lately, feeling bitchy. But then, I don't wanna be in the center of attention. So I better shut up in here... bye.

P.S More photos on facebook, so check them out!

P.S P.S BEWARE! I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.

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