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Someday I miss you more, but never less;
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
6:09 PM

The days are rather wasted. Friday evening, I felt a slight fever but yet, I headed down to Toa Payoh Central with Singyee to meet Gisiang & Yvonne for dinner @ Subway. Before dinner, I had a conversation with Gisiang regarding studio project. Y'know, it is awesomeee to have good friends who are in similar course, as we can share the thinkings together. Anyway, I saw some ol' good friends.. and was rather glad. After, we walked around and I bumped into my neighbor, Diana. Then, I left the girls with her since I was unwell and her dad was on her way to fetch her. Free ride home, wink*

So it is Tuesday today, and I'm still not feeling normal. Having a bad cough, which causes me to feel giddy and drowsy. This makes me feel lazy. Lazy lazy lazy, like wormy.. haha! But I was rather worry for sch projects, especially for the Borneo Motors showroom design. Since it is a group project. But now, at least I can put my mind at ease because I know I've wonderful group members whom I can rely on. wide smile*

Hmm yeh, I sneaked out of the house in the evening on National Day to meet Singyee and Jonathan W. Headed to Orchard Ion, where I actually see Jasmine doing her studio at a cafe there. Ohmygawd man! It makes me wanna buck up on my work, start nudging myself (like what Mr Teo said). Anyway, I seriously seriously!!! think that I need to do shopping. Maybe this coming Sunday with the girlfriends. Where to look for the money to spend eh, sian ah! After, we headed to Raffles City to watch the fireworks, amazing! Cheefun joined us. And since Singyee and I was sick, we decided to hire a cab home. Which in the end, we didn't because there is road block at the area we are at. Walked to Bugis and finally we were on the cab home. Hit the couch straight, waiting for mum to nag at me but instead she asked me to have my dinner and medicines then take a good night sleep.

So was feeling real cold under the jacket. But my fever is rising and falling. The clinic I visit since young was closed, so I only get to see the doctor today! W.O.W I survived till today. Actually, it is because mum is taking real good care of me...

OH, it is getting boring here. I'm planning for a getaway. I wanna go BKK with someone who is familiar with that place. But... ay! I'm just looking forward to the 6 weeks holiday... when I hear about it, I actually "YEAH-ED" in front of the lecturers, to have them looking at me with a ___ smile. Whatever, since I guess the others are yeah-ing in their hearts, right...


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