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It is getting better;
Saturday, August 1, 2009
12:09 PM

What has happen to me. Weak mind; negative thinking. Totally blank.


The past 2 weeks were miserable, very. I find myself in a wicked space; see everyone as demon. It was scary, I lost myself. I felt wrong... I dare not open my thinking to the world. I hid alone, prayed for help, hoped for miracle.. and I got a feeling, it is getting better. It will be better from today onwards, it will be. I don't care, it must get better! I'm not going to stay negative for the rest of my life, it sucks it sucks!!! I swear it sucks! The fault about me is, I get beaten down easily. I don't accept bad comments, loser me. But I take it to heart, contradicting. I understand myself enough, to tell you this. So I decided to pick myself up, be firm. In need of a shield though, laugh*

Although the past days were bad. But good moments do pop by...

watched Harry Potter for the first time! Amazing... gonna catch the past series.

had damn good Tom Yum at Orchard Towers, recommended by Lisa.

hang out with Ain, Jasmine, Lisa, Serena, outside Ngee Ann in the midnight.

had Kaizhi to accompany me to Clarke Quay to do site research.

chatted with a good ol' friend, and I came to know I had become a topic, lol.

dined with my family at 10:49pm, and it was free.!

skipped school and went to Old School, with Kaizhi accompanying me.

walked into Lasalle for the first time, ._.

had delicious you tian with beancurd, recommended by Kaizhi.

had help from Hongpeng and Kaizhi in Kinokuniya. Hehe.

dined with Joyce, Meldric, Weijie, Yingzi at Bedok 85 again, better than the other time! Haha.

camwhored with them at Yingzi's place.

And today is 1st August! I'm not going anywhere, taking a break. Or maybe I will be going to my aunt's new shop with my family? Guess not. But I had skip my initial decision of going to Dhoby Ghaut to watch Chinjie's competition. Still, I wish him all the best, beat the rest, be the first!!! And also, I had to skip tonight drinking session with the girlfriends, :( Seriously, I miss them much...

P.S I'm putting up my friend's link! If I miss out yours, leave me a tag.

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