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Friday, August 28, 2009
1:11 PM

Guess what? What? I'm taking English oral examination later...

And since I've some time, why not be here, :)

Since Tuesday I have been "sleeping" with eraser dusts and glue rubber! Plan drawing and model making are... testing my patience. I got irritated when I'm struck, because it takes time for me to think how to solve the problems. But I can't complain much as I know I've understanding group members. Although sometimes they may not be of much help, but with their cheering I'll feel motivated to work on the model. If not, I'll feel damn dead.

Hmm aiya, I'm off for now~

Update 29.08 04:53AM/
The newspaper man is here! My dad is still awake reading the newspaper. And I'm up after 1 & 1/2 hours of sleep, to do 2d plan and 3d modelling. Hoping that I can finish it up before 12 noon, so I can get back to model making and start with furniture design sooN!

o.o I realise I've been getting less than 3 hours of sleep daily, and this is causing backache. Another thing is I squat much while doing my work. But I don't get tired, pretty amazing eh. Can you, can you? Hahaha.

Anyway, oral yesterday was bad bad bad, goner. I read 'ambulance' as 'hospital', and more!!! Then, during the conversation session... I 'eh' through without proper answers. Nuts, but yeah it's over. Heck care-

... so my mother had been fetching me here and there these days, and I appreciate her kind help. I didn't even realise my concession for bus is due till the day before yesterday. Since I've not been heading to sch after Monday, unless for few hours. I'm NOT RESTING at home, but doing the group project throughout the day till the morning (of course with breaks between).

Projects are killer, they kill. I'm reminding myself that holiday is just a week away! One week of huge suffering and time to earn and spend, teeheehee. Best is I've got jobs already, whoops~

(wink wink) Something is seriously wrong with my mood now! I'm feeling happy for nothing.

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