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Thursday, July 16, 2009
4:01 AM

June with Dr.Martens DM's adorable to the max, don't you agree.


July is planned with blastful events. Delightful time spent with the brothers & friends. What more can I ask for, when smiles come from within moi-lil-heart. Sometime, I wish my smile can be understand...

Anyway, I'm back to fill up the _____ space. I'm not lazy, I'm not lazy! :P

Kick-started the month playing Guitor Hero over at Nerissa's place with the coolzxzx friends;

You rock!!! Yeah.

03.07, it was Weijie's (ah girl) birthday!!! My last minute decision to go down to Causesway Point to wish him a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'. So everything happened in a sudden. Seriously I didn't know Fyn planned to surprise him with a cake etc... she is awesome. I've never surprise a friend without other's help. Fail. We spent a short time together, but I hope he was happy to see us there. After, I met with Kaixin to Orchard. Desperately looking for some stuffs, and yeah... enjoyable shopping trip! :D

Fyn & Weijie;

The next day, girlfriends & I decided to go prawning at Sin Ming. However, the place was packed. So we left, and headed to Zhiming's place. Chit chatted. Brothers & friends came to fetch me, so I decided to tag along to Marina Barrage for the first-time-experience. I regretted not having the camera with me. But anyway, there's always another time...

The night before sch starts, I met up with Gisiang to pass her 3D max notes. We shared much on attachment prog while having dinner. There is always more to learn; always something to learn from others.

Sch started. The stressful feeling is returning, :( We had a new part time lecturer... & she started the day asking us on "what is your favourite... blah blah blah". Obviously I h8 the questions, so while presenting I'll be very unsure. But who cares, its over. I STILL H8 SUCH QUESTIONS! Haha. The next day, I had Jasmine & the few others to help me in correcting my pronunciation. I suck at it, :( And English O-level Oral is around the corner, I need to practise harder. Ikea with Chinwei, Jasmine, Nerissa, Serena and Shufen, after the third day of sch. And we headed to shop at Tampines One. Nothing there, bored...

Yada yada, my birthday on the 09.07! Headed to sch as usual, bore bore bore... and tadah, my lovely classmates surprised me with birthday song & cake. Wonderful friends!

After sch, headed to Chinatown with Singyee & Yvonne. Bugis next, where I bumped into her. Bad memory flashed back for a moment, & seriously it sucks. But I got rid of that feeling quick...

The day after my birthday, I had dinner at Bedok 85 with the nuffnangers. I wanna go back there for dinner/supper some other day!!! :D Then, we played L4D. My third time playing, this time round with the ladies, no guys to help us.

Saturday night. Sheebang with the girlfriends & friends for my birthday celebration. Brothers & more friends joined in later in the midnight. I had hell lotsa of fun drinking, yet was worried for my girlfs, laughs* Oh yeh' I fell down on my buttucks, stepping on vomit, what the fcuk but luckily my shorts wasn't dirty. Many photosss! (will upload in facebook)

Marina Barrage to slack. Sadly, Singyee's dslr battery was low. So no photos were taken there, argh! :( Left for L4D at Downtime... Thanks everyone for the awesome celebration, rock! I hope you enjoy as much as I do yeah!♥ ♥ ♥

Next day, I met with Wenyu & co at Junction 8. He treated me to dinner at Manhattan, thanks buddy! Also, thanks for the gifts from him, as well as from Chinjie bestie, Jiehui & Martin. After, we were at arcade for hours. & we headed for bubble tea. Yeah yeah, we took a polaroid shot at the playground before heading home~

No Monday Blue. I was smiling throughout the day, happiest girl! :D Hehehe, but I'm not gonna share with you, :P However, sch is such a bitch. I'll be wasting my time from 9am - 5pm everyday, since I can't concentrate on FYP. Aiya. But still, I'm very pleased to have nice friends. Giving me encouragement. Not to give up. Best, to have Kaizhi willingly stayed up late at night to discuss on my FYP...

& sigh, social life will prolly be neglected as I wanna concentrate on my Final year. To give my best. Seriously, I don't wanna give myself too much pressure, but it is only under pressure I'll work towards achievement. Yeah, I've to have confident & passion in my projects...

I'm sorry to worry my friends. But please do not be, because I'm sure I'll take care of myself. Because I slack more than I do my work, laughs*

Well, I'm not going to sch now. I have to head to 2 places to take a walk, to take photos, & to select a site for my programme. I'll be all alone. Not used to it. But I still have to be alone. Anyway, I'm excited though...

Good bye!

P.S Pika in camp, :(
P.S P.S I'm not worm, I'm not pig, I'm not mud.
P.S P.S P.S 18th JULY! Hope it'll be fun & enjoyable *wink*

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