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Monday, June 29, 2009
10:10 PM

Back on Sunday. It rained. It is not fun. We only get to be in the field for 15 minutes or less. No choice, but to have mats under the block, and fly kite there. Watched the friends cam whore, and I couldn't help laughing at all sort of actions captured.

Then, we had barbecue party @ 6pm. We did the "Before I die I wanna...", and I'm sure being a friend to myself is not the only thing I want. There are more! Many possible, some seems impossible. People will say nothing is impossible. But then, if I should die tomorrow, everything will be impossible, right. Well. At least, I learnt something from this question. Do what I want, and stop thinking what I really want, haha. This master said I'm a thinking person, I think alot. So should you ask me question like this, it will kill my brain cells la.

We cam whored again at the playground. Lisa and Nerissa were entertaining us with their moustaches, what husban what vife. Then you see Serena getting high, falling on the ground. The night will be a bore without them. And seriously, Jannah did a great planning for everything.

I will have enjoyed more if I stayed longer... hmph.

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