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Monday, June 8, 2009
1:10 AM

It's Monday. It's Monday. It's Monday, and I hate it much!
Here I'm, feeling really happy right now, hoping time stop here.

Saturday. Singyee and I went to Penisular to get her raglan and we continued to shop at Raffles City before going to Tampines. Tampines was packed with shoppers, and nothing really caught my eyes except for a pair of heels @ Topshop. Maybe because I didn't let myself out of the saving period, therefore I wasn't willing to spend unnecessarily. But I seriously think I need more tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, and it is GSS now... best time to shop, no. Rushed to Toa Payoh to look for canvas shoes, and it is nice to see Ah Fei & Ah Phew at interchange. It had been years back, and everyone of us had grown up. I hope life for them is getting better days by days. Just like Tampines, Toa Payoh was packed with audiences for 'True Hearts' rehearsal. Anyway, although I didn't spend on a single item, I was happy to have the time to shop and take a look out there. Headed to Singyee's house to grab the 300 plus photos taken on the trip to Singapore Flyer, and heart-to-heart chat with her. Awesome photos♥

Photos here, enjoy;

Sunday. Trip to Sentosa was great, 'frisbee & volleyball' day with Jonathan W, Singyee, Yvonne and Zhiming. But I was abit disappointed with the weather. I want the sun when I'm out at the beach, not when I'm in the office, -.- Anyway, it is like a farewell gathering for Jonathan W. who is going in camp this friday, same as Ah Sheng. Out of Sentosa at around 8pm to Bishan for dinner, and to meet with Gisiang. Hang out for awhile before we headed home. On my way home, I found a pink LG phone but I didn't dare to pick it up although I don't see anyone around yet the phone was ringing so loudly. So I told mum, and she headed down to grab it. We picked up the calls, and the opposite stated that he is her friend. But to ensure that the phone reached the owner's hand, we told him we'll be handling it to the police. So after awhile, the owner called. We couldn't be sure if she is the owner, because she didn't mention herself at the area I found the phone, so in the end we still decided to pass it to the police. Worst still, she was really rude. But I can understand that she was really anxious about it. And because of this phone, my family nearly quarrelled. Complicated lah! So mum and I headed to the police station immediately, and guess what.. we saw our neighbor there, with the owner of the phone. Then everything fell into a whole, but drama lah. She apologised sincerely and thanked us for the good deed. And I was just smiling, wanted to laugh out loud. But I wasn't feeling well, even after vomitting after dinner. So after that, I vomitted again, how bad. A very tiring day... but I ended up sleeping at 3am, what the hell eh. But it is worth to be able to chat with some ol' friends...

J.W, take care of youself in camp;
Jonathan, Zhiming, Yvonne, Jiaqi;
Tomorrow prolly going to Toa Payoh to teach Jiahui on autocad, as well as have dinner. And wednesday prolly meeting with Nuff friends at City Hall Starbuck. Hopefully I don't have to overtime for both the days, if not it will be too late. Time has seriously become my biggest problem. And I had promise many to meet them, help them etc. SO MANY THINGS I NEED TO DO LEH, POOR TIME MANAGMENT. ARGH! I wanna watch Stardust this Friday, again I hope I don't have to stay after 6pm for work, z. And Saturday should be meeting with my secondary buddies for movie and dinner, miss them ya.

I need to pause right here, to greet. Hey, are you happy too? *wink*

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