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Sunday, June 14, 2009
7:57 PM

I'm guilty for sleeping in until 3pm. Insufficient hours of sleep are accumulating. Pimples are popping out and, I feel my back bending downward, shitty! I have to keep myself in good shape, because July will be burst with events (hooray first)! It is coming to the end of internship in 2 weeks time, h-a-p-p-y*

Friday. Headed to Bugis straight after work, to meet with Jasmine and Shufen. First at Topman searching for a gift for my little brother (something simple hope he likes it). A pair of canvas shoes and a piece of top/dress in some shops at Parco is to my liking. Sadly, there won't be my size for the shoes (the usual reason), and the top/dress doesn't allow trying. C'mon, I'm not someone who has the most beautiful shape, and I don't believe free size fits everyone. Even if someone with the best body shape will prolly love to try it, unless they are filthy rich, haha. That aside. At least I found a top/dress at Topshop that looks perfectly good, along with an outer layer. Awesome, I spent about 100 bucks... with no regret. Now, the leftover cash will mean shopping again! Seriously, I have a long 'to-buy' list. More canvas shoes, more bags, more accessories, and of course more clothes. Good thing, I don't spend on gadgets now. Stopped spending on film cams, :( To save up for a dslr, unless financial get better then my parents will prolly be the one getting it for me. *hopeful* So next stop to Bugis Village... where we stepped into this one shop, and only got out after 45 mins or so? But good that Jasmine enjoyed herself and managed to grab dresses that looks pretty good on her. I must say, it is difficult to see Jasmine spending lah (haha, :/)! When we got out of the shop to the next lane, we were shooked as all the shops had closed. I'm so gonna go back there some day (although Bugis Village is not my fav place to shop at, but the shops there are selling better) if not to Orchard. Hopped on the bus and realised that Jasmine and I missed dinner, -.-" When to meet Jason to watch Stardust, but by the time I get to see him, it was alittle too late... and so I decided to grab the dvd to watch it alone at home. But when I reached home, I hit the bed straight without washing my face, crappp! So to today, I haven't get to watch Stardust, as I was out on the Saturday too.

Saturday. After work, headed straight to Dhoby Ghaut to meet with the guys. We had lunch at PS Kopitiam, and as usual Chinjie will be eager to go to the arcade, haha. I'm so proud of this bestie, because he got into the final round for the street basketball SG Zone X competition, I'm soooo gonna see him play and win on the 1st August (wishing him all the best). Then we headed to Cathay where we caught 'Ghost of Girlfriend Past', hilarious with touching ending (thumb up). And we had dinner at Astons Suntec. Good food, and reasonable price. I came to realise lately I have been forcing myself to finish my food, my stomach cannot take in alot now. Tzeyang, his girlf and Siwei left, then came Yuyang. We hang around @ Fountain of Wealth to take photos and catch up with one and others. Someone is so wrong man, hahaha (I shall zip my mouth)! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next gathering on the 4th July... it will be barbecue at ECP for my birthday and gathering, whoops! Keep yourself free and wait for Wenyu to invite, the boss (bleah)! I REALLY LOVE GATHERING WITH OL' BUDDIES♥

Astons Suntec;
Weihong, Yuyang, Martin, Jiehui, Chinjie, Jiaqi, Gervase, Wenyu; Rock on' buddies; My friends are my friends, forever.

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