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Ol' friends;
Saturday, May 30, 2009
2:44 AM

within my heart ♥

& I won't wanna let go of these cheerful moment,
so devil, don't come disturb.

Thursday night with Douglas W. and Singyee, came Joshua and the rest. Douglas always tell me that Michael is a good guy, and I couldn't agree more. But then, it ended. Things don't always work in your favor, no matter how you try. I won't deny I'm still hoping, but I keep in mind what he says, move on. Someday we will know, no? Maybe I will be left clueless, like before, not knowing things that is behind my back. How smart I may be, I will still miss out. True enough; you will be the last person to know, to things related to you if people meant to hide it from you. The question is; why is it everything I think that they keep is trying to harm me! Why do I think that way. F this mind set of mine, seriously I feel very sorry for many things. Now I'm not gonna think too much anymore. Goner brain. But you can't blame someone who has little trust on herself, and others. Peace(: That night was another start point to happiness with friends. Singyee made things come true*

Friday night. Had dinner with Kaixin, nice chat with her. Then, had fun time with Desmond, Joshua, Kenrick, Singyee, Teckkiat and Yuzhong, prawning at SinMing (photos above). It is pretty fun watching them prawn, and I did caught one while trying. Not too bad, :P Oh, the prawns were fresh. Woohoos, nice to chew! Hehe.

The next day at work, I was really tired... but survired with the excitement of going to Singapore Flyer later in the afternoon. Then I came to know one of boss's worker knows my dad, since he saw my uncle installing carpet for boss's project. How small this world is. Anyway, supposingly leaving workplace an hour early, but I was helping boss to solve a problem and managed to do so. Boss is kind to fetch me to City Hall since he is dropping by there. And so, I met up with my mum, aunt, cousins, and friends for Singapore Flyer!!! Whoops, great feeling great day! So stay tune for the photos. Byez.

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