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Family Day Out Blogging Contest;
Sunday, May 17, 2009
1:54 PM

The things I want to do with my family
(digging out happy moments full of memorable memories)

It's May, it's Mother's day.

Last year on Mother's Day, my family headed to somewhere Yishun area for fishing, and picnic (below). Fishing is our favourite pastime. On that year, I managed to dig out time to scrapbook (below) for her, and seeing her smiley smile when I presented her the little gift warms our hearts.

This year, as we're busy with work or studies, my elder brother and I decided to treat my mother, as well as grandmother to dinner at our favourite eating place... somewhere at Seletar area.

Mum (early forty);
Grandmother (early eighty) beside me;
However, I wish I can do better than just a dinner. I WANNA BRING MY FAMILY OUT FOR A HOLIDAY, ESPECIALLY TO HONG KONG... the place where my mother wish to go since she is young. But at my age of 18, I of course won't have the money to buy 7 tickets there. Neither do I have the time to get out of Singapore for a week or more, as I'm on intern now. [Sad]

But... an email from Nuffnang caught my attention!!! Family Day Out Blogging Contest - Tickets to SINGAPORE FLYER and other fun attractions to be won!‏ Whoops whoops~

Each winner will be given SEVEN tickets to bring 7 family members to their designated location. One of the 7 must be either below 13 years old or above 55 years old. 7 family members will be Dad, Mum, 3 brothers, me.. and grandmother, JUST NICE LEH!!! Youngest brother will be 13 in June, and grandmother is in her early eighty. Requirements achieved, first step to the blogging contest, woohoo~

The Family Day Out will be on 30th May! It is still May, it is still Mother's Day. Singapore Flyer LEH! 新加坡摩天观景轮 LEH! Hmm, if I cannot pay for my family to fly to Hong Kong, at least we can "fly" in Singapore, [laughs] Isn't it great if I can bring my family together up the gaint Ferris wheel of 541 ft height. *Dreaming*

Photo grabbed from Lyin.

My family and I have never been inside the capsule before. How does it feel to be in it? How wonderful will it be to have your family beside you looking out at the beautiful scenery, picturing Singapore. Taking many photos to add on to my photo album...

And these days, we either have no time to plan for outing or have no money to go attractive places, I remembered those days we have fun... fishing under the sun or rain, going to the beach for picnic, etc.

Looking back...

14.10.07 Fishing at Pasir Ris;
24.02.08 Family Day @ Singapore Zoo
27.04.08 Fishing at Changi Coastal; 15.06.08 Sentosa on Father's Day;09. 08.08 Fishing at West Coast;26.10.08 Desaru;On the boat to watch fireflies*

15.03.09 Fishing at Pulan Ubin; On the bumboat to pulan ubin*

.. how awesome those memories bring. YEAH! From the above photos, you can see... we're an outgoing family~ Although my brothers don't attend sch, because they dislike studying, but at least they attend fun activities like fishing, picnic at the beach, etc. We love fun, don't you. With family around, it will be a bonus point to the fun. Love.

Now you hear me planning for my family, so it's your turn!
Why wait? Bring your family closer today!

Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit http://www.nfc.sg/!
Click the link to find out more on National Family Celebrations's fun-filled activities.


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