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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
11:30 PM

HOORAY YEAH! HOORAY! I won 7 tickets to Singapore Flyer from Nuffnang on the Family Day Out Blogging Contest. My friends, Mel-di (sexy-swisz.bs) and HP (hpility.bs) won too! BIG CONGRATULATION TO US! [thumb up]

But before I can share this good new to my family, there was a quarrel between brother and me. I haven't been feeling this bad to today, I feel terribly hurt and lost. How can he be shouting at me like this, and yet I was forced to shut up in case he beat me up. Crap, it was a total crap... you see me in a situation giving in because of mum. That anger in me... I was staring hard at mum, with my clutched hand. She totally got scared with my reaction, and I'm really sorry. But, why?! Why? I wasn't in the wrong... what's wrong.

I teared, and wanted to run away from home so badly. But it hit me that I've nowhere to go. NOWHERE! At least in the past, I'm allowed in my friend's place. But now I think I'm no longer allowed. So I hid in the room, without realising elder brother was sound asleep, till he showed the caring side of him. He wanted to bring me out for Macdonald, how sweet is that. Thanks brother, I hope you will be happy too!:D Yeh, that pika is adorable lah... I smiled and teared feeling really touched by his words. And Weijie is the most "gong" girl, instead of comforting me... his messages was filled with "HAHA", like what the hell!!! But good try lah, at least he bucked up at the end of those messages, and managed to make me feel lucky to have him as a friend. Mel-di was around to let me talk to as well... although both of us were rather sad to know that our family may not be able to make it on the Saturday to the Singapore Flyer.

Hmm yeh... all these added up with dad's words made me feel better. It is just a misunderstanding, because brother was feeling really pissed at work before that. So I became the "punch bag"! Hell shyt. As usual, daddy thought I didn't have enough cash to spend so I cried, but then he realised that is not the reason when I pushed the money back to him. How cute is my dad! Dad knows I'm being good to help them out, but it turns out that my help is troublesome for them, and now I felt sorry. Maybe dad is right... I haven't been out in the society, especially in their fields... so I don't really know what had made them feel irriated. I blame no one, and dad didn't blame me either. He still say I'm the best daughter, hahaha!

Everything is fine now... but to know that not everyone of my family members can attend the Singapore Flyer is a disappointment. But still, it is not that they didn't wanna go, but because they need to work, argh! See, it is either no time or no money!


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