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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
11:31 PM


Bedtime @ 11pm, but again I'm still up. I felt guilty for I've been sleeping during work. Y'see... the new room is stuffy, and I cannot stand it man! So I will tend to sleep and forget about the hot weather. Hmm, it is probably time I move up to the air conditional office to keep myself working well. If not boss is complaining that our designs are getting a bit boring. But oh yeah, one of my proposed design is shortlisted and boss said currently it is the only shortlisted one. I'm a little excited about it, because boss will let me be at the workshop moving along with the contractors on the processing and all. But that is if what he said is true, I don't know.

Oh gwad, I miss school and friends. Really. Because life now is about work. Me always looking forward to weekends when I can meet the girlfriends/friends. This Saturday going to Tampines One with girlfriends, yeah it's shopping time! Window shopping, :( Sadly, I cannot catch Angels and Demons with the bloggers... but I will make up to them another day.

Hai, I do feel something bad is gonna happen to us. My parents are worry shyt about money issue right now. I don't know why this will happen to us, blame it that we never bother to save. My daily allowance will be cut down by 3 bucks. You say 3 bucks may be little, but 3 bucks per day for a week will be 21 bucks, a month 84 bucks. I agreed with her since I only have a meal out on weekdays. Sigh...

Don't say I'm a sprendthrift, I have monthly saving so there is where my money goes to. Although I do spend a bit on wear. Sian, I definitely know mum cannot take this... since I have been all ears to her rant. And she is trying to use games/shows to stop her thinking and worrying. I really wish I can help, but I'm helpless. Me asking her how much we need now (for bills etc), and I was shocked by the amount. I don't think she is lying to me, and I'm thinking who can help us. Not any of my uncles or aunties, their situations may be just slightly better than us. Even my friends will not have the ability to help, the most they can allow me a few hundreds, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, :'(

Really. I miss fav boy badly, hai. I feel... anyway, sian lah. I can see my parents gonna wake up tomorrow morning with the same worries. I will play a part, Dominick is right, but how? And brothers are not doing their parts, f. Actually I really don't mind if my parents downgrade the flat to 3 rooms, not a problem there. Sigh, I really don't know what are their plans now. But my parents will never let us starve. Hmm, maybe step by step, and wait for someone to save us. Z.

... don't think too much.

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