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Do you still;
Sunday, May 3, 2009
12:55 AM

Y' must be awaiting to hear from me, for Friday's sid0701 picnic session and Saturday's mini bloggers/nuffnangs steamboat session. To sum up, the days were AWWWESOME... happening; love it! And yeah, up to (200 photos for each day), amazing camwhore friends I had...

[Spread (O)ut the food; Gather (I)n the people]
Holy shhh(it);
Lisa and Ain;
Jannah and Ain;
Jump jump twist;
Under one roof;
The world will smile with you;
Ain and Mervin;
Thank you Lisa for the present (shhhh!:P);
Little happy friends;
Merry-go-around the tree;
Prettyfly boyfriend;
Jasmine & Ain;
When the night falls;
Laughing mood;
Peace and Nana;
The expired shots of the forever friends;

[(Never) known; For(Ever) know]
Fyn, Kaixin, Siyi, her boyfriend, Ash, Meldric, Weijie, Hongpeng, Jiaqi, Shufen, Joyce, Kaizhi

Machiam photoshooting -.-";
We, Thy Warriors;
The next meet up we will have more joining! Right?;
Speak the signal (I don't know why that hand sign, alien eh -.-);
Raw beef, chicken, mutton;
Step 1: Throw the ingredients in and cook it;
Step 2: Break the eggs in, and mix it well.
So disgust, but taste good! MY IDEA LEH!
The chiefs (Ash, Kaixin, Meldric and myself) playing with the food, lol;
Upside down ice kacang & Ice cream ice kacang,
we totally forgot to put the jellies etc below the ice and so they are on top of the ice;
My new circle of friends;
And I enjoy the days with them (substract the part where taking tons of photos, me way too lazy);
jump jump cheers!
heh heh, Kaixin and I tip toed only;
Still, thanks to the photographier Kaizhi
and also Hongpeng for the invitation,
as well as Kaixin for the accompany;
However, I was hit back to reality when the lecturer texted me to ask me back to sch on the Tuesday. It is time I realise this and next semesters will be tougher than I thought so before. I'm worry for I've poor time management, and the fact that I'm not-at-all interested to complete this awarded group proj will be the best reason to prove you that I'll have a difficult time later in this year.

Borrowed Yakuza Moon from Serena, and read up within 3 days

"He had never once told me he loved me, but he had always been there for me. Now that he'd made a new life for himself, we couldn't go back. And I had to move forward too. It was time to find my own path in life"

Beside the studies matter, someone makes me realise I have not carry myself to move forward, maybe time is insufficient for me to find a new path in life, no. I have been selfish to the caring souls, but I need to protect myself from getting lost again. No matter how much I try to disappoint the nice friends, I came to know in the end I'm the one regretting. This time round I will have to make a decision, but I'm U-turning back to be in the safe comfort zone till sch for me is over. How messed up life can be right now! Suck, at this part. But I'm happy to have someone worrying and be there for me, heh. Still, I will take thing easy, let nature takes its course right.

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