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Speak love;
Monday, April 6, 2009
9:45 PM

I'm always the little girl in her eyes. And I love it, just this way.

She is the toughest woman and I respect her.
How I wish I never shed a tear; how I wish I'm as strong.

Tell me who...
1. texts you to get home soon when you need to work the next day
2. waits for you to be home, as she/he had recorded the show you won't wanna miss.
3. is on bed, but yet somehow she/he notes that you haven't get your wink at around 4am.

4. wake up at 5:30am, walking in and out of your room, yet letting you to get a longer sleep.
5. sees you awake at 5:40am, but still hopes you can sleep awhile longer.
6. irons your attire for you to be ready for work.
7. asks you to take the milo.

8. texts you at 3pm wondering if you're fine at work.
9. knows that you're tired from work, and dropped by to fetch you home.

MUM, MY MUM, IS HER! *touched*
She did all these for me, and I hope she will wait for me to bring her to HongKong and places.

No Dominick... I never forget you!!!
The call before my work, the call after my work... it meant cares.

Y'know I'm having a hard time, I know you aren't very good either.
But yet, you still keep your sadness aside and made me smile before bed.

Someday drinking, I promise!:D
You will wait I know, hahaha *wink*

Hopes... so close yet so far.
If only there is a boy who love me as much as mum can, hahahahahahahahaha!

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