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Someday, will you.
Thursday, April 2, 2009
11:28 PM

Time is not on my side.

Today. I compiled my design portfolio only! Although it is not something I'll wanna do, but I have to.

IAP starts on 6th April and I'm sooooo depressed now. Because.. I hate the attire code, casual formal, not to mention formal. Worst AH! Also, it will mean I've to head down to the shopping malls this weekend (doubt I've the time) and spend my pathetic leftover cash on the attire. I'm poor enough yet I've to dig out cash before I even earn any. What the! And Y'know, I'm so unlucky... I've to work on the Saturday. Holy shyt! Hai, no matter how much I rant about it, nothing will change, it is finalise.

But thy best is, I'm with Jannah & Serena. Hooray!

Sian lah! I eh... need him to listen & talk to me. The chaotic mass of happenings in this home... is getting bad and will get worse. I feel sorry for mum, and dad sometimes. But I can't share the burden they are carrying. I tried getting to know why brother had not been attending sch, but he finds me irritating. SCH SUCK, he will say it everytime he comes home from sch. Skip that. Worst is, he stay out with his friends. If not, he stay up for gaming etc. I can predict if I'll to talk about it with him at the wrong time, he will prolly just walk out of the house. He don't care, and I don't know what is in his mind. Hopefully he don't turn into a bad kid. Hai.

Can I say... I hate my brothers whenever they made the parents worry. I can't, as mum always tell me not to. It is mum who should be saying it, anyway. Or dad. Seriously, if someday we parted, I will walk away with mum (if she allows me to, haha). If not on my own (doubt I'll be able to survive alone), hoping nice friends of mine will keep me.. lol.

Full stop. I think I shouldn't share too much here. Not a nice thing to do so.
Favourite boy, can you be here for me.

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