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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
10:25 PM

For the concern ones.. I'm pretty good, ready to take on the world. HEH! *wink*

Personal skill is important, thats something the boss shared with us. I can totally agree with him on this. And from that, I'm confident De Palmco will definitely be somewhere I gain the experience and knowledge that are missed out in sch. But of course, the people are the ones who make the difference. Even how much disturbance the dust and noise cause, I still survive with the laughter we share. Add on to it, the boss is extremely good to us. *smile*

It is only the 2nd week, and I had been on OT for two days, the Tuesdays. No surprise though, as we've numbers of design tenders on the hold. But no matter how tough it is, we will always aim to do our best and complete on time. Lesser say on attachment programme... overall, everything is fine at work. Grateful to the people who cares. *cheers*

Talk about last week; Last friday, I had an awesome time shopping with Jasmine. Mum and dad spent for me, so I decided on a top and bottom... about $60 each, just nice the amount. I'm very happy, and thankful! Heh. But the rain in the afternoon is a ruin, as I can't make it to meet Shufen. Still, my evening is well spent with mum at Zion church.. since it is good friday and we're invited. Caught the message... COME (来). Last Sunday, I was with Gisiang and Singyee at Plaza Singapura in the evening, there is so much to share about attachment programme! Hmm... attachment programme is keeping me busy, and for a person who lacks time management, it is difficult to dig out time to meet up with the friends. But I really miss many of them, awwD:

On a side note... my poor me0w was attacked by the flies as I didn't take care of her. So it is really pitiful now. I neglected her for Restuarant City; in need of salad, tomato, egg, flour, kiwi, mango, dragonfruit...!!! OH I'm crazy over this game, though it is less interesting than Diner Dash. I borrowed Dominick's account to achieve more ingredients, smart eh... ha!:P

Last but not least, visit http://www.fashion-recipe.blogspot.com/, support my girlfriend<3

YEAH OH YA! I'm thankful to that dumb boy, the sincere friend. Hopefully I don't disappoint him, which I always did to others. I really don't know what I want, but I won't wanna regret letting go of nice friends again... :/

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