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Thursday, April 16, 2009
8:03 PM

DANG, the desktop I always use is down and had been sent for repair. Every design work will be gone! But luckily, we submitted most except for one, which was at the process of modelling only. I had redo the modelling yesterday, and rendering is in progress. So, due to the lack of desktops, I have nothing to do today!!! Other than sharing and learning with Alvin on 3D Max rendering. Then Serena and I were out with boss in the afternoon for sites viewing. Heh, and he treated us desserts.. not the first treat k. Hmm... as I was having the dessert, something hits my mind. If only Jasmine is with us in this company, she will be awfully happy as she will get to eat and it is free. She must be envying us now:X *laugh*

Ah I'm so bad. She will hate me for that, lol! Jasmine, stay tough! Aw, *wondering* how the rest of my friends are doing in their companies? Anyway, it is nice of Nerissa to plan for a meet up in May. Hopefully I will be available for the date choosen. Maybe not the friday night, because we've to work on the Saturday! I am looking forward to the date, heh.

Urgh... I wanna shop! But I've not much $_$ CRAP! Whose problem...? Society! Hahaha, thats what Jenny always say. Cool yo!:P But still, we will be looking out for gifts to give our fellow colleagues when we leave. Boss will get it too, his is in mind already. Whees! That is so early of us to think of it, hahaha.

And yeah, FB's quizzes made me jaw drop!!!


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