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Every life has its ups and downs;
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
12:30 AM

Dang! I got fooled by Jonathan and Singyee. Don't know whose idea huh, but man they made my day, heh.

Mind filled with question marks, and I've been dreaming lately. Not surprise though, they say 日有所思,夜有所梦. I'm more worry over resetting my body clock. Y'know, sch is starting real soon for me, and I'm glad it is. If not, I'll be getting worse thinking of matters. To think of it, I'm letting issues overcome me. And thing is, I can't bring myself to the solutions. Communication is the key, but I lack of it.

Happy to say, I have good friends bringing me through my downside to life. It could be their words of advices and encouragement, it could be their listening ears, it could be their presence, it could simply be their pure smiles. However, I've to say it is difficult to find someone who really understands me, the position I'm standing now. Dangerous feeling I had, though I haven't really step out of my comfort zone.

I change my mind, ignorance is bliss. Now, after a year, I partly understand what he meant when he wants me to spend time for myself and my family. I wish I was still the ignorance kid. Y'know, it is fucking complicated for me to sort matters like these. Yet, he daringly pushed me out of the safe circle, making me feel insecure. But it is reality anyway, and I can't be selfish for the rest of my life. So I need to play a part, but where to start from... myself? Will you guide me on, or do I need to do everything on my own. I hope everything is not too late.

On the other hand, I had good times hanging out with the friends...

Thursday. I was at IKEA with Jasmine, Serena and Shufen after going to the clinic for consultation. It is nice to have Jasmine seeing the doctor with me, heh. She knows what's wrong. Thanks, P.e.a.c.e! Hmm, IKEA was a last minute decision. Actually, I goes there for the meatballs and mushroom soup. But too bad, I only take the hotdog bun that day. After, we headed to Tampines Mall for dinner. Hot and spicy meal, cold and sweet dessert...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. No surprise, I spent my weekends in the house. Since I had been burning holes in my pocket doing online shopping, I decided to stay in and do my portfolio. But yet, I didn't complete it... I'm damn slow. Beside that, I was having fun with my pet me0w, dressing her up, heh.

Monday. I spent an hour in Borders looking around, waiting to meet Shufen. Shopped at Parco Topshop and yes, I spent my money on a top. But I really do love it. After, we joined Madelyn at Marina Square. Then back to Bugis area for dinner, together with Vivian. I do hope the classmates meet up even when we're on attachment.

Speaking about attachment, I still don't know which firm will I be attached to. But later at 2pm, we'll be meeting up with the lecturer. Pray hard that I'll be working with friendly and helpful people. No hard time for me please, I'm so worry.

Back to track. After hanging out with them, I headed back to Bishan-Sin Ming to meet up with the girlfriends for prawning. I didn't prawn, just watching.. but it is still exciting. The uncles there are friendly, willing to teach us their skills.. heh. Hmm, I'm gonna prawn one fine day.

Yippee, I'll be seeing my friends soon. I hope I can get to sleep immediately after I hit the sack, goodnight earthlings.

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