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Friday, March 20, 2009
9:30 AM

I feel cheated! I feel cheated! I feel cheated! I feel cheated!

Y'know how I'm feeling now??? I FEEL TERRIBLY CHEATED.

I've been feeling extremely depressed for one week, over this matter. Been waking up every morning, with it in my mind. Been talking/listening about it with friends over it during the day time. Been thinking about it at night time. It is scary. I swear it is very scary.

The troubling part is the situation I'm in now!!! I should have gotten over it, but damn... I wake up with it!

(If you've been catching up with my previous posts) Don't jump to conclusion. It has nothing to do with relationship or whatsoever. Although I'm feeling as bad as having a relationship hiccup. But hai, it is about the grades. I THINK I DESERVE BETTER!

AND I FOUGHT FOR IT WITH FRIENDS ON MY SIDE. I finally voiced out to the lecturer and clarified my/our doubts. It is not on the lecturers being biased or whatsoever, it is the method of their grading system that suck, that I'm unhappy over. I felt so daring to make him feel sorry for how I'm feeling, and he ever decide to give me a deserved 10 points for the next semester (but of course, it won't be fair this way huh). BUT WHAT IS FAIR? Nothing is! WHY SHOULD MY 2 As BECOME 2 Bs huh, MY GPA CAN POSSIBLY HIT MY TARGET Y'KNOW, BUT IT DIDN'T. FUCK RIGHT. In the first place, I/we have been unfairly graded. Friends in my shoes will understand.

I'M SO PISSED! BUT NOT ME ONLY LOR! Maybe I'm one of the few, who cannot get over it easily. I wanna get over it, so I have a clearer mind to work harder and of course smarter, for my 3rd year projects.


Sch is starting next week for me, dang!

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