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This is not the right timing;
Friday, March 6, 2009
8:41 PM

大姨妈来,真心苦, 真不辛。
I hate period, I hate period!

Every month my friends have to go through this with me. Seeing me suffering in great pain, grumbling about why am I so unlucky (why me, why can't I be one of those who don't feel cramps). They say drink less cold drink, drink less tea. But no, it doesn't help. I'm one of those who barely take cold drink or tea. So what's wrong inside me?.

I bloody need to see the doc, but I won't wanna take meds that cure a moment pain. I need something that won't even let me feel this pain again. Not again. Well, someone will accompany me to the doc, I hope...

Friday, today is so wasted. Pissed, tsk tsk... mood swing*

Last night, I'm so boreeeeed. But was lucky to have Dominick to accompany me. A promise is always a promise, I make it and deal it. You can't see me today, but maybe another day soon. At least, we spotted each other in the crowded street, such a coincidence. You feel contented, don't you. But why Dom why, you're always late or early, never on time...

I didn't get a good sleep with that bad pain I had throughout the night. I couldn't even get up to comfort my friend, Jiahui. I hope his parents and him can solve problems in a better way.

Up till now, I'm still feeling alittle pain...

SO FREAKING SAD, because the pain stopped me from stepping out of the house. Not that staying at home is uncomfortable, but but... I really wanna meet that favourite boy. Nothing of that love love sort, just a favourite. Finally I can meet him, hope next week will be a good time yea'

I HATE CRAMPS! Very much hate it...

Yesterday was horrible. Photographers were taking photos of the people and the displayed FLIP chairs. And I could hardly hold myself up, dragging Jasmine out of the scene with me. The pain was a killer. Thoughts of dying is on my mind. Vomitted so f. badly. Arghzx! I'm very pleased to have good friends around me, they know how bad I feel every month of this time. Thank you girls! Glad that I could bring myself up after the hot coffee and good resting, for Lisa's and Madelyn's presentation.

Hmm, gonna wake up at 5am to meet the friends at 7am in Changi Airport. We're sending Lisa off to Japan for a project. Anyway, I had leave her my message after reading her email.. I swear I teared halfway reading her message. Trust me, you will have our supports, don't think too much. Typing this, I'm missing her already.

How? In June, I prolly sending Kaixin off to Suzhou for her studies. 3 months without her?. OMGoodness, I don't wanna imagine that. And she will only be back the day after my birthday, no one to celebrate my birthday with me?.!

OKAYZ, I'm thinking a bit too far from now. But well, time flies right.

I know this is a long wordy post eh, but I wanna leave down more.....

Past few days had been hanging out with the girlfriends, enjoyable days together. And I was hoping to find a job as well (but maybe not anymore). I'm so lazy now! Haha.

Dragonboating tomorrow cancelled. And meet up with Ben and Mingwei will be cancelled as well.

Sunday gonna meet up with old good friends. I'm sooooo looking forward to it man! Love.

But Monday I need to be back in sch, suck to the corezxzx!


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