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Awesomeee weekends;
Monday, March 16, 2009
1:55 PM


I'm irritated with the red spots protruding from my body surface, especially my legs. I won't wanna step out of the house with shorts or skirt (favourite casual wears), letting people stare at those unlovely spots on my fleshy thighs. Tmd, I rarely dislike wearing jeans out. Tights left on the list, dang... not very much of my favourite.

*scratching the uncountable mosquito bites*

Damn, 'machiam' like a kitten scratching for fleas. WTF! WTF! WTF, it's very tortuing man!

*applying medication*


On the happier side will be the cause of why those spots are on me and yeah, I went to Pulau Ubin with the love ones, my family. It was planned on the week, and we go for the Sunday. The younger brother must be excited because he phoned me in the morning 5am 6am while I was out laughing with the friends at their ' cold -.-" ' jokes, keeping silent listening to the friend.

Back to topic (side track at the end of this post). It was such wonderful day, clear of cloud. While queuing to take the bumboat, I spotted my ol' good friends... Desmond (des), Jason (png), Kenneth (ken) and Weijoon (zo), and we waved Hello. It had been more than a year since we last met up. Everyone is moving on with life, and I'm hoping they live every day to the fullest, yo. Gonna meet them up one day...

On the bumboat.. I felt alittle dizzy, (@_@) But was fine, as I still grab my camera and took photos.

Pulau Ubin.!!! I'm so excited about it because it was my first time there. We happily rented 3 bicycles, knowing that it'll be a long distance to the fishing spot. On the way to our destination is went those deadly mosquitoes kill me, kill us. I was the one being biten badly, and I couldn't understand why because I'm not stationary, I'm cycling. Weird huh.

So it rained very suddenly, just after we arrived at our destination. Such a bad timing! We took shelter. And guess what...

Shebang, shebang... E.T?

He is actually my youngest brother. WTH, I didn't know he'll be so spontaneous & be 'dressed up' like... 'lol'! He made us joke about it and raised the mood. Then, knowing that the rain will take a long time to stop, daddy and brothers decided to go under the rain to fish. Mummy and I stayed under the shelter and I brought up the topic on what the friend had shared with me earlier in the morning.

After half an hour, the rain stopped. We joined the guys.

And I helped passers by to take photos... polaroid! My first time trying on the new modern Fujifilm instant. Hmmm, should I get one too?!. I will wish to, but the shape of the polaroid is not my liking. However, it will be better than my vintage polaroid as the films are easily available. Shall consider.. ha!

It's also my very first time getting to see a wild boar. Never get to see it, though I do hear from elder brother that it can kill a person swiftly. It's as enormous as a pig, as ferocious as a mad dog. I'm so afraid that it'll jumped up, therefore brother helped to take a picture of it.

Hee hee hee, I killed a living thing, mosquito mosquitoes actually. They b. made me feel so itchy man! Who cares... either they die or I suffer. I sound so cruel, gosh.

After hours, the weather changes gradually. We decided to pack up, and rush back to the starting point. NO CATCH FOR THE DAY, DANG! But never mind, we didn't miss out the fun yeah. Before we can move out of the shelter, it started to drizzle. Since we had only 3 bicycles, the other 3 gonna run. Mum, youngest brother and I started running while they're still packing. After awhile, elder brother caught up with me and fetched me to the next shelter. Mummy and youngest brother didn't wanna be fetched, they prefer to walk. So then, daddy fetched me all the way back to the starting point. It was really scary. I scared I'll fall. We reached the start, but were drenched badly. Younger brother & elder brother caught up. Awaiting for mummy and youngest brother, seeing them back is such a joy, they even told us they helped a girl who fell off the bicycle. Hmm.. I can't imagine running the long distance back, as I got a very weak heart~ But we think that it's really fun being under the rain, hee.

Back to Changi Point... dinner, and home sweet home. So I was really tired, but as I didn't manage to pass something to the friend early the day, therefore I decided to email him. Hoping he'll see it~

Dozed off right after I hit the bed at 12am, didn't have the trouble of getting to sleep. Good~

Yeahs, and earlier before I go to Pulau Ubin in the morning, I was still hanging out with the friends over the night. Gotcha know 3 new friends from Minlwin, awesome one. They brought laughter to us and were really friendly. Heart-to-heart chat with Michael, I didn't talk much and was really thinking alot about the family, etc. Time flies... mummy is really tough, unlike me. Crying over every little thing, running away from matters, hiding from the sun... not being able to communicate very well with the family. But I know friends come and go, unlike family. Whats more can I ask for~

Before everything, I was chatting on the phone with Dominick, being so confuse of what I was doing at the very moment. And while chatting with him, I realised how small this world can be, moveover Singapore is small. Argh Dominick, there's alot of things that I didn't explain, neither do I share with anyone. It is all hidden in me... I know I always worry you, made your mood falls. But I also know you care, you bother. I'm sorry, you know I'm. And I know you can't forget the moment you spotted me in the crowd, I won't too.

Hmm yeah,... and thank you Serena & Lisa.


Time to do portfolio?.

Peace. Peace~

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