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*shivering with fear*
Friday, February 13, 2009
2:47 AM


I'm having the Studio Project presentation in less than 7 - 9 hours, and my heart is already beating fast. And I'm feeling cold due to fear. Srsly speaking, this is the worst. I never felt such a bad nervous before.. this is really the worst...! (Maybe because my left eye is twitching badly). Other than that, I was told they are very strict for this semester on dimensions, etc.

OMG! I really need a distress pill.


But I'm totally sadden to know that the book gonna be printed, instead of sketches with pen and pencil (which I did). And I putted in the effort to design the book cover. Hai. Wasted effort.

I wish and I really hope I will not screw up this project and presentation. I do not want my effort to go down the drain, who wants. I do know everyone of us put in alot of effort, staying up late in sch/ at home.. because I am one of them. But sometimes, our efforts may not be recognised.. and it causes us to be depress. For my friends who had did well, congrats~ For those who had not, do not worry. Be happy it is over.

Actually if i did badly, I will be worrying too. So maybe I'm not in the position to say not to worry. But I srsly hope they will be fine, especially one of my dearest girl. (CHEER UP, peace!)

Anyway, I wanna thanks those who told me about what is expected in the presentation. (Thanks)

I'm looking forward to after presentation. Gonna meet up with the rest for dinner and movie. Hooray! But after that, it will also meant I need to rush another project. Endless.

(Past few weeks)... had been a dread. A painful path to go through. I'm glad I'm still alive. Though I look really bad because of late nights or even not sleeping. It is not only me going through all this, my friends goes through too. The girlfriends as well. So I had not been meeting them and had been missing them. Of course, you will be surprise to know that my parents (especially mum) and elder bro went through it with me. Helping me with simple but time consuming tasks. Fetching me to and fro sch, etc. Thanks a million! It was great help.

Also, mum and I are in close term now. As we worked, we chatted. And we also challenged each others in a game. She is the grestest mum, and my bestest friend.

Lisa had been here for me too (thanks!), just like me being there for her. We had the same problem, technical problems. And so I have only 1 good piece of rendered to bring me through this Studio. Pathetic lah!

And we were lucky to have Shufen's dad who fetched us home on one late midnight. Saving me much money.

Talking about that late midnight... we actually planned to stay overnight, but failed. Lol, but it was fun. And oh well, my friends had blogged about it long before me and I don't really know what to say but FUN.

Hide & Seek with the securities;

I need to go rest now.

Lastly, thanks to Dominick. *laugh*
& those who wished me the best.

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